TEMAH’S RANTS #2: #BLACKLIVESMATTER (Jackie Aina, Miss Lynn, Kluermoi speak up)

‘I have a dream,

That one day,

Little black boys and  girls,

Will be holding hands with,

Little white boys and girls…’

                                                -Martin Luther King Jr.


If you know Tosin well, you’d know that one of her hobbies is sleeping (she’s going to kill me when she sees this). So, she’ s one of her sleeping ‘sprees’ today and I decided to pop in and rant a bit, If you want to know who I am, kindly click HERE

It is with so much grief that I present the rant for the day. I have never, don’t and will never understand what skin colour does to the minds of certain people to deserve wickedness, hatred and killings. Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-29-36


I don’t get why skin colour is such a problem in the world. It’s not like black rubs off on a white man’s skin and he becomes white neither does being black do any harm to a white, yellow or grey skinned person (insert your own skin colour here).

For the past 48 hours, my television, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube platforms have been agog with news of the killings of two young black men by white policemen in The United States of America. One of them was actually killed right in front of his girlfriend and daughter! All because he’s black? I thought the world said racism was over? This ain’t over, sweetheart. Rejection, hatred, strife and post-colonialism are the new agents of racism.

Let’s go down memory lane, shall we? Micheal Jackson was the greatest musician the world ever knew. He was born black and started his career as the cute black boy with Afro hair in ‘The Jackson Five’. ‘ABC..123’ was a hit because of Micheal. However, as gifted as he was, he just couldn’t get to his heart desires because of his skin colour. God knows how much pressure he recieved from white folks around him and he found himself going through surgeries to look like a white man. He went under the knife and a couple of times; changed the texture of his hair, his nose structure, skin and so on. Recall how he looked in ‘ABC…123’, ‘Rock with you’ to how he looked in ‘Earth song’. See the transition?


How many more of our talents from the black race will either change his colour or die because of their skin colour? It’s high time we spoke up. Jackie Aina, a famous Nigerian beauty youtuber took her snapchat in the early hours of today to speak about these killings and I could see a few tears drop down her eyes.



She spoke about the incessant killings in the world from the Orlando killings to the latest killings in the Black community. in her words, ‘love your neighour, no matter what he looks like’.  Miss Lynn took to Instagram to sensitize beauty brands to speak up to fight against racism because #blacklivesmatter. Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-32-28


Kluermoi also announced on her Instagram page the time and venue for the walk against racism, set to hold at the Civic Rights Centre.


Please use any medium you have to speak up against racism. Its high time for a change (not Buhari ooo)…Tosin is awake, yepaaaaa! *picks race*


Photo credit- side eye

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