Sometimes, I’m too lazy to make a whole meal all from the beginning plus I like finger foods a lot (this is not to say I don’t love my whole meals like amala, rice et al). So, I always find ways to make myself a short meal that’s delicious as well. So, that is what birthed today’s recipe. I like to call it my

What you need:

Left over sauce from chicken republic (the one that comes with their rice and beans)

Some olive oil (or any other oil of your choice)

Left over chicken


How to make:

Heat the olive oil in a small pot for about one or two minutes. Pour in the sauce. Use your fingers to tear pieces of the chicken into the pot. Stir slightly. Leave on for like three minutes and voila!

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I like to serve this my version of  stir-fry with dundun (fried yam). Don’t you get pissed off when you go to iyawo oni dundun to buy fried yam and you see such tiny pieces of yam? So, I decided to start making them myself.


What you need:



Groundnut oil/olive oil

Salt (to taste)

Sugar (optional)



Peel your yam and cut into your desired shapes and sizes but preferably not large (To get the crispy feel of iyawo oni dundun’s yam, cut yam in small slices). Rinse in a bowl of cool water. Pour some water (enough to cover the yam) in another bowl, add some salt and sugar to taste. Pour the yam into the bowl of water, sugar and salt mixture. ;eave for about three minutes.

While the yam is in the bowl, pour some oil into a pot and let it heat on medium  heat for about three minutes. Pour the slices of yam including some of the water. This will enable the yam to cook on the inside while frying outside. Be careful of hot oil though!

Leave to fry for about five to ten minutes depending on the sizes and volume of yam slices in the pot.

Serve with anything you desire or my ole (lazy) recipe: Chicken Republic stew stir-fry lol.

What are some of the quick lazy recipes you make at home? Please leave a comment below.

Till next time,

Always reflect God’s perfection


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