I’m sitting right here, in my BMW Z4 listening to Adekunle Gold’s ‘Pick Up’. I’ve literally had that song on repeat since I love the traditional tune Gold infuses in his songs. Moreso, his voice reminds me so much of …


My phone rings. It’s my chauffeur, Collins, calling to confirm the colour of shoes I told him to help go pick up at home. Apparently, I am here at the Williams’ wedding ceremony. We had just left the church, heading over to the reception when I could no longer handle the pain coming from my Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps. I had completely forgotten how uncomfortable pumps can be sometimes.


While waiting for Collins, I can’t but imagine how the couple feel right now. Marriage is a big deal, especially in this part of the planet where the peak of an individual’s success is attributed to marriage. The beaming smile on the couple’s faces could not be over emphasized. A letter ‘U’ could definitely not compete with the large smile on Remi’s face. Remi is the bride. We’ve been friends right from England, attended the same schools and cultivated our dreams together. We also came back to Nigeria together to set up businesses and here she is, getting married. We always…

Oh my! I’ve just been so happy for my friend; I completely forgot that this story is about me!


Hi. My name is Adeorike Davids.  I’ll be hitting 27 in a couple of months and I’m Nigerian, from Lagos State. ‘Omo Eko ni’mi’. I was born and lived my first two years in Paris, however, I am a thoroughbred of Bristol, United Kingdom. I wonder if my parents wanted my autobiography to be filled up and that’s why I’ve been to quite a couple of countries in my life. My French name is Adele and it means good humour or noble. I know what’s going through your mind and no, my voice is nowhere close to the beauty in the great singer, Adele’s voice but I do love to sing.

I run a video editing and cinematography establishment called Vivid Imaginations. Remi is a fashion designer who has taken her love for fashion to the next level. Our endless window shopping at Primark, Marks & Spencer and Victoria Secret finally paid off. That probably explains why I have an expensive taste in fashion myself.

When Gabby called me up one sunny Thursday in February, last year to help him plan an awesome proposal for Remi, I immediately suggested the Eiffel Tower since I had known her consistent ranting about how she’d like to visit my birth country, France. Fast forward eight months after and they’re getting married already. When Remi told me of the wedding date, I found myself wiping tears off my face. Tears of joy and pain; joy that my friend was getting married to her heartthrob and pain that we weren’t getting married on the same day like we usually agreed after arguing on who would get married first. Our dream to take a vow to the love of our lives on the same day would probably have come through, if I hadn’t had the first and worst break up of my life two years ago…


Till next week…

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