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In certain issues, I could be a perfectionist. My kind of perfection doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody else can do a specific thing to my satisfaction. It’s more like I never want to make grave mistakes that could cost me a lot in the long run.

I started reading about the natural, unpermed/unrelaxed hair since the early months of 2013. I have very soft hair and scalp so it was a bit pissing to see how much relaxers hurt and how thin my hair looked after a perm. It was soft but thin after each perm. The hair stylist even started to liken my hair to the strands of hair towards the anus of a fowl. However, like I said earlier, I wanted to get this right. I wasn’t ready to go natural and then regret it afterwards.

As at August 2014, I was full with ideas and knowledge on how to go about my natural hair journey. I stopped relaxing , transitioned for six months


till February 14, 2015, when I did my big chop. The big chop is a term used to refer to when one cuts off the permed/relaxed strands of hair, leaving only the natural, unpermed hair. Yes, it was St. Valentine’s Day but I fell kind of ill and had to rush home. The lovey-dovey feelings in the air weren’t getting to me at all; my hair was my valentine. My mum did my big chop for me (she’s the real MVP) and has supported me ever since. It might interest you to know that my younger sister and I big chopped around the same time now and are both natural now.

This is one aspect of my life that I don’t really share on social media except a few times on Snapchat because most of the times, my hair is in a protective style. Those who attended school with me will however, be conversant with me on my natural hair.


If you know me personally, you’d know that I hate stress. Kai! It’s one of the enemies of mankind in Africa. So, I like to keep my wash day regimen simple. All I do is:

  1. pre-poo sometimes, that is, using coconut oils or something of that sort to coat my hair strands first, cover with a shower cap (or nylon)


  1. shampoo and condition my hair
  2. deep condition and cover with shower cap to keep hair soft
  3. apply leave-in conditioner
  4. style or just twist (or braid) to keep hair manageable


Creme of Nature Argan oil shampoo, Mega Growth Detangling conditioner

When choosing products for your natural hair, please make sure the first ingredient of the product is Aqua (water), at least most of your products. Water is great for almost everything, hair inclusive.




DSCF1877  Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner

DSCF1899spray bottles help to keep your hair hydrated, mix in water, oils and so on and spray on the go…

DSCF1902styling products:

Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection

Ecostyler gel

Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter


DSCF1907Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Mango& Lime DSCF1925Unprocessed Coconut oil (for some reason, my parents prefer unprocessed coconut oil)

DSCF1904Morgan’s Pomade, Dark and Lovely color intensity dye(i dyed my hair when it was 6months natural), Shea Butter, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque





brushes and toothbrush


Is your hair natural? Please let me know why you decided to go natural and your wash day regimen

Are you relaxed? Let me know how you’ve enjoyed your hair so far.

Either relaxed or natural, our hair is beautiful. Embrace it!


Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx

  • Olotu Funke


    I love this post, big chop for me just happened, it was almost as if I had no choice, my scalp was bleeding after loosening my fixing because of bonding and I just had to and since then zero regrets
    And I’m not the only one that uses old perfume bottles as spray bottles eh

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