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Hey fabs! My way of saying the warmest hello to all the fabulous readers of I am so glad that finally I am here, stealing this space just for a little while from Tosin in order to share this piece with y’all; I know she doesn’t mind 😉

So, a little intro; my pen name is Ebukun Gbemisola, Nigerian, Writer and a whole lot of amazing stuffs!

Let’s get to it!

Have you ever wondered what our lives would be or what life itself would be if we pay attention to God more than we pay attention to other people’s life/lifestyles? I mean, have you ever wondered what could have been if we idolize God more than people in this 21st Century where there are more celebrities than the ordinary citizens and yes, many more would still be including you and I. . .

Sometimes, I sit back and I ponder on how much of life we live on social media – Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram and how this particular living keeps everyone abreast of what is happening in one another’s life and then life keeps rolling by and by, happenings over happenings, challenges over challenges, goodies over goodies in our lives including that of our favourite celebrities who mostly happens to be our role models often than not and this love we have for them, makes us wanna fashion our lives according to theirs consciously or unconsciously.

Have you ever find yourself wishing to be like a particular celebrity you admire? Yea, that’s a good and normal thing! Having role models, favourites and people we look up to in our purpose and career living are all parts of the steps to living our dreams, the dream; but what happens when we stop wanting to be like them but be them? That’s a big gap from admiration to idolization.

I admire a lot of women and one out of these amazing women is Omawumi Megbele. Here is the gist, I love her, I admire her, her strength, spirit, tenacity, gift, voice, mannerisms, words, music, attitude and much more. I look up to her in certain ways of my life, her story inspires me and makes me wanna be better, stronger and all and I wanna inspire people like that and much more but I don’t want to be her not only because I can’t be her but because I was created to be my own person and it is only when I am my own person that I can function properly and even find her experiences useful for me.

And yea, I am a firm believer of how much godliness can mix and cohabit with art! If it weren’t fitting for a child of God, it wouldn’t have been deposited in our lives in the first place. I’ve read and heard about people going through tons of surgeries just to look like a particular person they admire or love in the world of fame. They go through the stress of fashioning their styles, speech and much more according to the person’s. Sometimes, make decisions according to the celebrity’s.

Just because a particular icon has made a certain decision based on whatever reason you might know or not know, genuine or not doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. I know we can love these celebrities and admire them so much that we really wish we could be them but the truth is we can’t be them, we shouldn’t be them, we should be us.

Yes, we can look up to them, learn from them, in fact, be close to them but behind doors, they themselves don’t make decisions just because their fans think they should; if they do that, they might end up displeasing themselves just to please the public that’s even if they do but they please themselves, please God and every other persons that matters to them. And that keeps me wondering, if they could do that, why is it difficult for us at times or for most people to be themselves and still admire these celebrities.

You shouldn’t decide to do something just because your celebrity icon did that or is doing it. You can’t decide to stay out of marriage just because your celebrity icon feels marriage is hell or decide to put yourself through misery by undergoing tons of surgeries just to look like her/him. Doing that or doing none of that doesn’t mean you love them more or any less than you admire and respect them.

In conclusion, I just want to say that, God is the ultimate. We should listen to Him more, try to find out what is trending with Him than what is trending with our celebrities and by so doing we get to understand His will for us because as much as we are trying so hard to replace God with our celebrity obsession consciously and unconsciously, no one can actually fill that God.

Remember, celebrities are not God! Their actions, decisions, styles and lifestyles isn’t the standard. Only God determines what the standard is for each and everyone!

I’m sure I slayed *winks*

Till I come your way soonest!

Mwah! Much love. . . I’m out!


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Quick question, though…what’s your take on celebrities being glorified as God? Please share your thoughts.

Till my next post,

Remember, always reflect God’s perfection xx.


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