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I love Art. I believe it encapsulates the whole essence of living; making our lives beautiful. It was therefore, no shock that I took my love a bit further by going for an art exhibition. Sometime in June/July, The Paroche Foundation held an art exhibition for high school students somewhere at an events’ centre in Ikeja, Lagos. Asides the fact that I love what Paroche aims to achieve, attending the exhibition was a way for me to support and celebrate my darling friend and brother, Akanni Dolapo, who had been working behind the scenes on the progress of Paroche.

paroche foundation

Paroche Foundation was founded a few years ago after its founder lost a son to the cold hands of death. He was hit by a drunk driver. Since, Paroche Foundation was set up to create awareness and help in fighting substance abuse. As a way of giving back, Paroche decided to host this exhibition, having major attention on high school students. The focus of this exhibition was to see how these students could interprete a message on substance abuse through art; drawings, paintings and so on. Schools like Mind Builders, Babcock High School, and so on participated in the exhibition. The school that won the first price was to be given #100,0000, the second-#70,000 and the third-#50,00.


tosin olaniyi, paroche foundation

The event started with some prayers, introduction and jokes all anchored by the comedians SACO and  FMC. After that, a brief opening speech was given by one of the members of the foundation. There were also brief word games for the students to test their abilities to obey instructions even when placed in weird situations.

paroche foundation

Sooner, the exhibition began. I must confess that I was very impressed by the children’s artworks. I probably couldn’t draw more than a Cortina shoe when I was in high school; drawing wasn’t really my forte, I found refuge in poetry and prose. The students were required to bring out their drawings, explain and defend what it meant and prove to the judges that the drawings/paintings were original to each student. The judges were:

Ini Itama-writer and artist

Ogunsola Temitayo-visual artist, creative director

Dr. Quadri from Department of Creative Arts, Unilag

Femi Ogunrobi-Actor, Director and Producer.

After a series of drills, speeches and smiles by those cute students, the exhibition came to an end. While waiting for the judges to give their final verdicts, Dolapo came up to play a video aimed at discouraging substance abuse. Of course, visual representation get to children more. So, it was quite easy to get them thinking after the video he played.

dolapo akanni of paroche foundation
Dolapo Akanni
paroche foundation
other winners

Later on, the judges announced and like I had speculated, one handsome young student of Mind Builders won a sum of #100,000. His smile and diction got me screaming yaaass during the exhibition so I just knew he had to win.

winner-paroche art exhibition
Winner boy!

Did I forget item 7 and goody bag? Layee! We were treated to some delicious small chops, packs of fruit juice, a Paroche foundation tee shirt and note pad for everyone. I went home with my hands full and my cheeks beaming.

paroche foundation art exhibition

art exhibition

paroche foundation, art exhibition
some of the students’ artworks


My Verdict

Location: 8/10. It was quite easy to locate

Lightning: 7/10. It wasn’t favourable to photographers like me except you had your flash guns available.

Content: 9/10. It spurred a desire in me to do better through Art.

Item 7 and goody bag: 10/10. Who doesn’t like some good small chops and souvenirs? Lol



I’d gladly attend another event by Paroche. You can follow them on Instagram HERE

Have you ever attended an Art exhibition? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment section below.

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.




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