Since my debut into the blogging world in 2013, a million and one blogs have emerged after. If you’ve been following my blogging development from OLANIYI OLUWATOSIN’S BLOG to my self-hosted site that went into thin air and to THE YOUNIQUE HEARTS BLOG, I appreciate you. You’re the real MVP and for those that just got to know me from this new blogging space, I love you all and hope we can make magic together.

So, in my bid to take blogging seriously, I’ve been seeking counsel from anywhere I can; bloggers, website developers, writers and forums. It was during one of my frantic searches that I discovered The Colours and Grey (CAG) Bloggers’ Forum.  Let me take you with me as I chronicle the event, one detail after another.

xxx  I really can’t say why I hadn’t done this review before now. Maybe because I lost my beautiful PAROCHE FOUNDATION notepad which contained absolutely everything I could milk out from the Colours and Grey Forum and my photography classes which I had a few days before. I was moody for three days straight searching all over for it. Car, under the bed, bags, EVERYWHERE! Nevertheless, we thank God for retentive memory, I can pretty much remember quite a lot. Though, I’d pay to get that notepad back, intact.   xxx

Saturday, 23rd of July came faster than I planned which made it ‘all the’ more exciting. Coincidentally, it fell on my younger sister’s high school graduation (these children are just growing, choi). After my normal morning routine, I had to make her up before setting out on my agenda for the day; makeup, hair and out to CAG forum. I had prepared Orekelewa already the night before so I wouldn’t waste much time on her. Pause! You don’t know Oreke? That’s my natural hair’s name, lol.

Anyways, after putting her in a faux bun (let me know if you want a tutorial on that), I set out to CAG forum in ‘dressed-up’ casuals-a pair of black denim, black blazer, black short block heeled shoes and an orange-red camisole. I don’t know why black was all in for me that day. Since I don’t drive yet, my greatest MVP, my mum decided to drop me off. You guys see why I need that car key in MY BIRTHDAY WISHLIST so I can save her the stress next time.

The event took place at Allen; in the same building with Iyabo Ojo’s salon. I coyly walked in and met Alice herself. I haven’t told you about her? My bad! Before I attended that forum, I had absolutely no idea who Dako Alice was. Dako Alice is the beautiful, vivacious and creative brain behind The COLOURS AND GREY BLOG.


Alice was adorned with some makeup. We also had Deedee of Deedee’s blog and Graysbibi shot it as media partners who interpreted the whole event in pictures.

The forum started with a makeup tutorial by Zaron Cosmetics; an African owned makeup brand for women of colour. It was a simple everyday look including the brows, eye shadow blending, sultry highlighting and contouring as well as a bold lip colour.

colous and grey-tosinolaniyi.com
some of the products I got in my goody bag.


I wanted their big box of makeup so bad!!! Though, makeup is never enough for a makeup artiste so, oh well!!! Zaron also brought in goody bags for everyone! Yaaaaaaay!!!

colous and grey13-tosinolaniyi.com
makeup being done on the beautiful evetonnia
colous and grey14-tosinolaniyi.com
can you see me peeping? llol

Next, Alice had the floor and took us through her journey in the media world; the brands she had worked with, what she had learnt and an introduction into what we’d be learning. First, she told us to write down our original names, brand names, aims and what we thought our brands/websites stood for and consisted of. I was like! Lobatan, we’ve entered it. However, when I put my pen to paper, I thought and I was actually on track!

Sooner, she dished out tricks like consistent social media presence, the use of key words and permalinks, SEO optimization, how Google helps in putting your blog out there, the importance of having words as your content and not just pictures alone, plug-ins that help your blog like JetPack, MarketPlace (in case, you want to sell stuff), making of graphic images and text using canva.com, and many more. She also announced two collaboration opportunities for two of the bloggers present.colours and grey

There were about 20 bloggers in attendance and they were really amazing. You should check out their blogs too;

Tonye of tonyeigbani.com

Ify of Ifysmusings

Evetonnia of Moon walker

Ever hustling Deedee of Deedess’s blog

Oyin of Oyinkan’s views

Mysranne of Mysranne.com

Alex of Nappyhaired

Aby of Miss Purpleheart

The handsome Alex of Saturday Chronicles

AND many others. I’m extremely sorry, I missed some people’s names. Like I said earlier, I lost my notepad so I can’t exactly  recall the names of everybody.



We had a short networking session where we exchanged blog URLs and social media handles.

Let’s move briskly to item 7, shall we? Hehehehehe

Cakes from….

colous and grey8-tosinolaniyi.com
finger licking good cake


and Small chops from … cag30


My goody bag contained hair clamps and Jamaican black castor oil from NHPSNG, sensation chocolate bar from thechocboy, body mists from la fame ng and some makeup products from Zaron cosmetics (eyebrow filler, face primer, lipstick, lip pencil and an eye liner).  I would be doing a review on them soon.

I enjoyed and appreciate every bit of the event. Alice would never know how profoundly grateful I am for all I gained at the CAG forum. Cheers to a new era of blogging!

What event have you guys attended recently? Would you like me to do an intensive insight into all I learnt there? Let me know.


Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.


picture credits:

Deedee’s blog and graysbibi shot it.


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