7 Things to do on a rainy day.

things to do on a rainy dayWhere’s my leaf-green umbrella ooo!!!

It’s been raining crocodiles and dinosaurs everywhere now and I really can’t complain because who complain don epp? I have decided to make the best out of it and enjoy the rains as they come. So, here are five things I’d do and advise you try out on these rainy days:

  1. Take a cup of hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate
cafe neo
cafe neo

The rains have already created a cold atmosphere for you. Do you want to freeze or are you the Revenant? Please just get yourself a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to keep you warm. I personally love hot chocolate because I don’t have to add extra sugar and it makes me feel sophisticated (I don’t know why, lol). If you don’t have at home, just visit Cafe Neo, Costa or Starbucks. Tell them I sent you, they’ll hook you up! 😉

Starbucks hot chocolate is so yum!

2.Eat and Sleep


Please don’t even go rational about this. Biko eat! If what you can place your hands on is a hot morsel of Pounded Yam or Jollof Rice, just eat. It’s already sad enough that the rains are stopping you from leaving where you are at the moment, so why not treat yourself to a good meal while you wait for it to stop?… which brings me to Sleep! If you find yourself at home during one of these rains, no one even has to buy you sleeping pills. Chic Sleep already has her hands on you. Move with the flow!

3. Watch a Romantic Movie (or any other type of movies you like)

Treat your self to a movie date. I’m a fragile romantic. I can’t stress it! One of my best ways of enjoying a rainy day is to watch a romantic movie that can leave me teary! How weird! A movie like Jojo Moyes’ ‘Me before you’ is a great romantic movie that will leave you with a runny nose, not just teary eyes. Crying from romantic movies kinda makes me feel good and warm. I don’t know if that happens to me alone. Please leave a comment if that happens to you too, so I don’t feel like I’m an alien. You don’t have to stick to romantic movies though, pick your favourite.

4. Read a Book

The Beautified Woman by Funto Ibuoye…hit me up if you want one.

Reading in itself is such a wonderful way to relax. The cool feeling that the rain gives makes reading all the more soothing and sweet. Whether you prefer an e-book or the hard cover, you might want to delve into and learn interesting things about your passions; Fiction, Art, Christian , Motivational or Technological. Whatever rocks your boat is fine.

5. Plan the next move in your career

A cool atmosphere is a perfect aura to think, plan, strategize, write, brainstorm. Your million dollar idea might just come on a rainy day, so why waste it? Instead of complaining about how this rain has caused traffic on Ikorodu Road or how Bobriskky is having fun with bae, use that time to cook up the next move to making you a success. You’re a student? Plan how to be top of your class. You’re a blogger? Plan your next post or collaboration. You’re a social media strategist? Test your growth hacking skills. It’s no time to whine and cry.


6. Dance

As funny as this might sound, it’s a pretty interesting way to spend part of your rainy day. Increase the volume of your music player reasonably and dance like never before. Be like Jackie Aina and dance to Drake, if possible. If you’re trying to keep fit, it might help you burn a few calories and if you just enjoy dancing like I do, please jam up to some Adekunle Gold, Yemi Alade or Ayomide Ojeniyi lol.

oya dab!
oya dab!

7. Have a warm bath…and sleep some more

Get in the shower and have a warm bath. If you don’t have shower, grab your kettle and boil some water. Have a warm bath and sleep some more. Everyone deserves their beauty sleep lol. Wake up and glow like Tonye Igbani…thank me later.


Hope you enjoy this post as much as i enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to share.

Till my next post,

Remember, Always reflect God’s perfection xx.


photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/mycafeneo/

6 thoughts on “7 Things to do on a rainy day.”

  1. 8. Talk to God, just meditate. There’s the a very high chance that everyone around will be on their own during these type of heavy showers. So you know just talk to God in your cold room room with a cup of tea.

  2. You had me on all of these things. I usually take chocolate, sleep, watch a movie and plan my life on a rainy day. Isn’t it nice now an element of weather can make a day somewhat fun? I love the rain!

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