Outfit of the Day: Boss Chic feat. Palazzo pants

You see, when the TEMAH in me comes out to play, she got different personalities. Sometimes, she’s all in the laid back simple mode for amebo and sometimes, she’s in the mood to be the boss and take charge. Today is one of the days when the latter comes to play. So, I present to you; TTBC-Temah the Boss Chic. lol

TTBC- Temah the Boss Chic/lady
TTBC- Temah the Boss Chic/lady

These pictures were taken on a random day when Damie Alabi and I decided to play dress up, during our photography training which I talked about HERE. She went for an Ankara inspired look while I was just in the mood to walk into an office as either the CEO’s wife or the CEO herself. This is what happens when YOUR FATHER tells you of how great you are and you bask in the euphoria of his love, grace and majesty.


Temah is a young lady who runs a fashion and communication organisation. She combines them both like A BOSS that she is.


She’s  a modern day superwoman and on her path to being the Proverbs 31 woman. Her style leaves mouths agape, tongues waggling and arms akimbo.


boss chic

She’s daring, focused and doesn’t take shit but warm at the same time. She’s got a smile that melts the hearts of her dealers and they can’t help but sign her in, despite the one and a million people who are in the same type of business as she is.

boss chic

Temah loves to move her veins and flesh to the rhythmical beats of sound and sees the ‘w’ in ‘wrong’ and the essence in scented candles.

dancer l'omo
dancer l’omo
boss lady
the dancing queen

She treats her workers with respect and fights for them when she has to.

a boss lady/chic knows that time is money
a boss lady/chic knows that time is money

Everyone loves Temah except the man in the corner with the quirky smile…Temah knows he doesn’t like her but she has the power to dispel him and he’s so scared of her that he scampers away each time he sees her. That’s AUTHORITY IN WHO YOU ARE!!!

So, today I ask you, WHO ARE YOU???

You got yourself an inspiration for work outfit  tomorrow. Thank me later!

boss chic

Tell me how you style your palazzo pants…and can you express yourself when you’re feeling like a BOSS? Let me know below.



Camisole-obtained from my sister

Palazzo pants- NICOLE


PLease don’t forget to show Dami some love on her blog at Damie’s Diary

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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