10 Reasons you NEED to watch ‘The Governor’

The Governor is a political drama series, revolving around the life of Angela Ochello as she  unexpectedly attains the position of the Governor of Savannah State- a state set in Nigeria. She is faced with opositions and conflicts as regards her gender and strict policies she puts in place to prevent the ‘war-lords’of politics from embezzling public funds. She is also faced with the responsibility of being a loving wife and super mum to her two young-adult children.

Now, here are 10 reasons why you need to keep a date with The Governor

Power and confidence
Power and confidence
  1. Ebony Life Tv never makes or shows ‘below-par’movies

If you’re an addict to Ebony Life movies like I am, you would know that they never air ‘thrash’movies. From the days of ‘Dowry’to ‘Desperate Housewives Africa’to ‘Fifty’…every movie has been a hit back to back. ELTV is really here to take over!

  1. It postualtes intelligence

After my sweet caramel coated cornflakes, Moryam, introduced me to ‘How to get away with Murder’, I’ve been a sucker for movies that reek of intelligence. Right from the trailer, I just knew it was going to give me the ‘intelligiction’(intelligence+satisfaction) that I desired.

  1. It has got some subtle unique fashion inspiration

Angelo Ochello is one stylish woman. The way she slays in everything she wears, even her pyjamas is one subtle way of telling you, ‘I ain’t just gonna win at the office, I’m gonna win in my home too’. The splash of colour and ankara fabrics sewn into various styles to suit the office front is a big plus to the fashion wardrobe of the movie…and her makeup is always simple yet flatters her strong points.


  1. The lead actress has acted with the Indian Aishwarya Rai before/It has an amazing cast

Did you ever watch the Indian movie, “The Mistress of Spices”? remember the young dark skinned lady who patronised Rai’s spices’shop quite often and later married the dark guy? That lady that made Rai up for her date with the young man whose girlfriend needed to get his attention by all means? The lady who had her hands painted in henna by Rai?  Whoop! That’s her. Such descriptions. Please meet me privatey for Mistress of Spices if you haven’t seen it.

  1. Your diction/spoken English will experience a facebeat/ Lord Frank is a voice-god

The lines are apt and tantalizing to the ear drums, especially Lord Frank. Oh my! His voice keeps my teeth open all  the time. I named him The Voice God because I’ve not met one person who doesn’t love his voice. He is in almost every scene as Angela herself so I’m sure you’d recognise him once he opens his mouth.

the-governor-angela- and lord frank

  1. It is relatable but unpredictable

You can totaly relate to every single ordeal that Angela goes through. After watching it ehnn, I doubt I can even take up the post of IyaLode of my village sef. Hmmm , moving on…

  1. You’d learn a thing or two about humility

Mr Friday is one arrogant, self centred, gold digging man whose thirst for power drains common sense from him as each episode goes by. As you watch The Governor, you’d see how profitable humility is.

  1. It’s a combination of politics, romance, deceit, intrigue, excitement and …just name it…except of course, witch craft! C’mon.
  2. Every Thursday gets you charged up till the next episode
  3. Each Thursday, there’s a repeat broadcast of the last episode before the new one so you can catch up in case you missed it, how cool!


So what are you waiting for? Put a reminder on your phone now for 8pm tonight. The Governor will be on!!!


Do you watch The Governor? Do you love it too? Let me know your thoughts below

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx

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    1. Awwww, I’ll try to find out if it’s showing on any satellite tv that could reach where you are. Thanks for stopping by xx

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