EVENT RECAP: Flavours of Lagos Food Festival


Welcome to the new week and Happy new month. I’m really happy the year is moving fast. It’s been a great year and I’m so grateful for growth and lessons.

So today,  I attended the Flavours of Lagos food festival at Eko Atlantic Waterfront, BarBeach, Lagos. Honestly, it wasn’t planned. I had completely forgotten that the event was holding, but as the food gods would have it (if such exists), I made it there.

I was jejely going back home from The Silverbird Galleria alongside my family, as we had come there to get a particular blend of smoothies among some other things, which they didn’t have. I was still whinning my dad to take us to Johnny Rockets which is loacted on the same street with Eko Hotels, when we just passed by the Bar Beach and it was just the that it clicked that I wanted to go for the food festival. Trust me to go into my persuasive action. I didn’t even have to do much before my dad agreed. Best decision of the day.


flavours of lagos food festival

There was no entry fee but we had to pay for our meals asides the tasters that were available at almost every stand. If you didn’t have money to buy your meals sef, the tasters from each stand were enough. You go belleful before you reach house. My first stop was at Mico’s House of Chicken and waffles. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of that because it was soooo good that I couldn’t wait to dismantle it. There were seats with canopies to shield people from the sun.

Some minutes into the meal, a lady approached me to give my review of the meal and I gave her my honest opinion-those were the best waffles I have tasted in Nigeria. I have always enjoyed waffles in the UK so I was really glad I could find really nice waffles here. I had tasted one at Maryland Mall last week and it was nothing compared to this one, though they tried. After Mico’s, I moved over to  barbecue and sliced booli (roasted plantain) stand. I ordered some peppered snails, turkey and chicken barbecue.

flavours of lagos food festival

flavours of lagos food festival

Flavours of lagos food festival

Moving on, I moved to a cake and confectionery stand called Crema. They had such oohlahlah flavoured-bursting cakes. I bought two brownies and one vanilla cake. I loved the brownies best because it tasted like coffee was added to it (I think i was)…and who doesn’t like some coffee flavourings?

From there, I came across a stand where smoothies were mixed with a blender powered by a bicyle. I felt it was really creative and eye catching.

There was also a stage being set up and I’m guessing artistes would be coming later for some jamzzzzz!

I also had some Malta Guiness while my dad had an Apple flavoured drink. Not to forget that I had a really nice coconut drink served in large coconuts…best drink I’ve had in a while.

flavours of lagos

Flavours of Lagos food festival

At this point, I was already full. I just packed some of the plantain and snails and headed home. It was an amazing one. I really should start attending more food events o!

flavours of lagos food festival

Here are some of their contacts in case you need to have these food and can’t make it to the event tomorrow. Oh! I didn’t tell you? It’ll be on tomorrow too.

MIC0’S HOUSE OF CHICKEN & WAFFLES : Admiralty way by Victoria Lekki –Phase 1, Lagos.

Number : 09092159056 07010662215

CRÉMA BAKERY| CAFÉ| CREAMERY : www.cremacoffeehouse.org

There are still a ton of pictures but network and WordPress won’t let me upload them due to their sizes but I’ll be sharing them on my Instagram page which you can find either on top or bottom on this page, depending on whether you’re viewing this from a phone or PC.

How was your weekend?

Who else loves food like I do? Lol

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx

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