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Halooo people. Three posts in a row! This week has to be great. I believe you’re doing splufic lol.

Blendmode magazine Today, I’m bringing you one of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on lately. I should have given a sneak peek into it but I’ve been busy being a blogger and a human being lol. Blend mode magazine is an e -magazine that centres around makeup, the art, the artistes and various tips and tricks to give you a flawless finish. It also showcases various challenges that makeup artistes go through. Its maiden edition just dropped today and Tosin Olaniyi was chosen as the official website where it can be downloaded from!  How cool!  Talk about little beginnings!  My baby steps are finally becoming giant strides. Blendmode magazine The magazine is founded by the cute and intelligent Taiwo Ogunlaja of Saraloge makeovers. She’s a makeup artiste and Blend mode magazine is one of her brain children lol. Blend mode magazine Please follow the official blend mode magazine instagram account HERE This maiden edition is focused on Nigeria’s independence as different artistes came together to put their creative abilities to the test. Click BLENDMODE to download the full magazine and please don’t forget to share with your friends. It’s totally FREE. All for the love of makeup. Blend mode magazine Please let me know which look you love most here on the blog or on instagram and don’t forget to tag @blendmodemagazine and @olaniyi_tosin All for the love of Makeup!!! Till my next post, Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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  1. This is really nice and I appreciate the efforts of every single one here, in their drive to help us women at the other end of the line. Keep up the good work!

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