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As a Christian and an UNASHAMED one at that, I am totally in love with anything that speaks to me of God’s grace and beauty. Anything as little as a bible quote on a key holder tickles me. So, when I came across The Gloryin’ collection by the OIC Designs, I felt really honoured to introduce it to y’all. The ‘Gloryin’ word was Coined out of the word, ‘Glorying’ which is inspired by the Word in 1 Corinthians 1:31; ‘He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord’.

As Christians, we have that Solid assurance that we can BEAT OUR CHESTS and scream ‘This One Can Never Fail Me’ (Heb 13: 5-6)


GLORYIN’ is to walk majestically knowing that You have been cleansed of all sins and The Accuser of the Brethren can’t TOUCH YOU! (1 John 5:18). Not just Brother Emeka who churches everyday is cleansed of all sins and infirmities but you too. Yes, you. No matter what and where you’ve sinned.

So, I thought to do an exclusive interview with the brand owner herself. Enjoy!



  1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your brand?

My name is Olabisi Maria Ibironke. 3rd born out of five children. Studied Law at Babcock University, graduated this year, heading to Law school soon. Dedicated my life to Christ in my 3rd year at Babcock. Never remained the same since then.

My brand hmmm… It’s more like an avenue to create a paradigm shift in the lives of Christians. OnenessInChrist Designs, O.I.C. Designs for short, was launched on the 20th of August, 2016 at the event, Ignite 2016, Lagos.

The inspiration of this brand is Ephesians 4: 13: “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of fullness of Christ.” Sounds like plenty grammar right? Lol I know.

In plain terms, O.I.C. Designs is out to put the Word of God (The Gospel of the Kingdom) on any possible personal item visible to the human eye (from household to office to car items), to remind believers that in the light of various doctrines and denominations springing up, there is a sure foundation, THE WORD, which is to be our primary focus that we may be one and the world may believe that God sent Jesus Christ (John 17:21)

O.I.C. Designs is out to enlighten the church to break the ‘Paul-Apollos-Cephas’ Syndrome that is reoccurring within the church today; the ‘I am of Redeemed family (Pst. Adeboye), I am of Winners Family (Bishop Oyedepo), I am Deeper Life (Pst. Kumuyi), I am of Christ Embassy (Pst. Oyakhilome)’ and so on, forgetting that the denominations are just joints (meeting points) of the Body of Christ through which the gospel is preached. Members of the Body are edified while the pastors are gifts given by God for the perfecting of the saints to do the work of the ministry of reconciliation given to us and for the edification of the Church/Body in general. (Ephesians 4: 11-12)

O.I.C Designs is out to remind the Church that Christ is not divided, meaning there is only One Body of Christ. There is THE Church and there are churches, that is to say ‘The Church are the believers in Christ from various denominations and churches are just denominations (structures) where believers meet. So it is not your local church or denomination that is the Body of Christ but it is true believers from every denomination.

It is ‘The Church’ a.k.a the Body of Christ a.k.a believers that has to reach perfection in Christ, without blemish before Christ can come to take us home. According to Ephesians 4:13, the only way we can build ourselves up into perfection is to be united in the Word and make sure every doctrine that arises in our denominations is in line with the Word before we follow it.

So we at O.I.C.Designs want to use our brand to make the Word so visible, that believers may focus on it, be of one mind and prevent being tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine. (Ephesians 4: 14)

Last but not the least, O.I.C Designs seeks to encourage believers in Who They Are in Christ.


So Long Story cut short, O.I.C. Designs is all on FOCUSING ON THE WORD, LEST YOU BE SWAYED.


the gloryin' collection
the gloryin’ collection
  1. How did the vision for OIC come about?

You know how little drops make an ocean, that’s how the vision came. The first drop was on June 3rd, 2015: I wanted to get a t-shirt for my friend as a birthday gift and I stepped into the store, scanned all the racks of clothes and all I was seeing were t-shirts with either vulgar inscriptions or condescending inscriptions and I just felt this irritation burning in my spirit that ‘Where are the shirts that declare good things and makes the wearer feel good about themselves? Where are the shirts that preach the good news?

Another drop was: I was in the car stuck in traffic and I was seeing denominational logo stickers on the back of cars. I’ve been seeing them since, nothing happened but on this particular day, I got so irritated in my spirit and was just lamenting within myself, ‘If every logo was instead an inscription of the Word, at least a scripture, then an unbeliever stuck in traffic too can see it and begin to ponder on what the Word means and by the Holy Spirit working in that Word, another soul might just be saved’

Another day I was just sitting again in traffic and I saw a jeep with the inscription of the verse, John 3:16 in full ‘For God so loved the world…’ I was so excited in my spirit when I saw it, thinking that Yes! This is what we are talking about! Now at least one person would see the gospel summed up.

I also felt somehow when people wore denominational hand bands and just thought if this hand band had the Word that will encourage the wearer like ‘More than a Conqueror’, the wearer will be edified each time they wore it. It’s not wrong that denominations are trying to promote their growth but members should note that it is not belonging to a denomination family that will get you to heaven but belonging to the Family of God.(Side note: Because a person is wearing a denominational hand band does not mean the person is saved, so Dear Believer, if you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel to someone wearing even your denominational hand band, preach it and don’t be fooled even if the person flashes the band in your face like ‘I’m part of you’.)

So, little did I know that all these irritations and little things I noticed suddenly was the Holy Spirit bringing to light what He wanted me to do and everything became clearer when scriptures began to jump out at me pointing to this vision of unity of faith and the knowledge of the Son of God so as to reach that perfect man in Christ.

It is when we become one that the world will know that God sent Jesus Christ and that God loves them as He loved Jesus (John 17: 23)

 oic designs

  1. How long has OIC been around?

O.I.C started August 20th, 2016 and has been around for 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days. However, the vision started from last year June and has been around for 1 year and 3 months and 6 days.

denim facecaps
denim face caps
  1. What challenges did you face to get OIC running?

A major challenge was knowing when the appointed time to start was. How I knew it wasn’t the right time was lack of funds. Money wasn’t coming and I later realized was because God had set out a particular time for it, I just needed to figure out when because you know when you get an idea, you want to try it out NOW! Thank God I didn’t find the money because the vision had not finished growing and being clarified so if I launched out when I wanted to, I’d have missed everything. So when it was time, I just got this quickening in my spirit like ‘Oya Oya! Time to go!’ and immediately I set out to look for funds, I didn’t struggle, it was such a breeze to the glory of God.

Another challenge was The Name of the Brand: OnenessInChrist Designs. You know how people think you don’t have to make it obvious by putting Christ’s name, that unbelievers will not want to buy from you. Even believers were saying I should change the name that I won’t sell but THANK GOD FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT because He gave me the name even before I saw all the scriptures and made sure I felt uncomfortable whenever changing the name was mentioned! It was through holding on to that name and refusing to change it that God gave me full clarity on the vision by bringing to light, scriptures in line with that name. This Brand is to the Church then to the world.


  1. Let’s play a game.  You’d pick which of these options you prefer and why… Shall we?
    a. Denim or Chinos? Denim all the way! Lol chinos goes better for guys! I just love the cool look denim gives.
    b. Face cap or beret? Facecap o! Beret ke? Hahaha for what now? Even when I was in Fragrance of Worship choir at RCCG, Potters Place Parish, Ilishan-Remo, we tried our very best to avoid wearing beret lol.  c. Leather or suede? Leather. Suede spoils too fast and it is harder to maintain. You also need suede spray and it’s always staining my hand. Maybe I don’t know how to use it well.
  1. How can you be reached?

I can be reached through these platforms:

Instagram: @oic_designs, @olabisi_m

Twitter: @oic_designs, @MariaBisi

Facebook: @oicdesigns, Olabisi Ibironke

Email: onenessinchristdesigns@gmail.com, maria_ibironke@yahoo.com


Gaise baba and his beautiful wife, Funto rockin OIC designs
Gaise baba and his beautiful wife, Funto rockin OIC designs

Would you like to me to tell the world of your amazing goods and services? Cook me an Email at tosinolaniyiweb@gmail.com.


oicTill my next post,

Remember, always reflect God’s perfection xx

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