Guest Poetry: Eloho

Happy new week, my love. I’m starting the week off with poetry by a guest poet. Enjoy!

The feelings are here again, as I walk around there are people everywhere some are smiling, drinking, laughing, just doing things…
Can’t they feel it? Can’t they see that there’s emptiness inside of me threatening to overpower me. I can hardly breathe, how do I take another second of this??
I’m here but I’m not, what a cliché, I smile at the right times and engage in polite conversation but I’m dead inside, I don’t feel a thing, everyone in their world and me in mine just dark, bleak and ugly; how can’t anyone see it….
Here comes another one, just another person to greet and smile at, immediately he gets to my face I can tell that he’s different, I don’t know how but he definitely is….
I’m scared now, he looks at me and I see light in His eyes one I haven’t seen before and quite can’t place what it is…. And with a smile on his face, he asks a question that breaks me into two; destroys the facade, the pretence and all the false appearances.
He asked “how are you?”


red dress

I fell to the grass with my red dress spilling all around me
My hair in the grass
I thought about the past, where I looked for happiness with people
How they clawed into me, digging into my insides and I lost who I was
How my peace was stolen, and everything was wasted
As I fall to the grass with tears spilling from my eyes, sinking into the green
I realize these are not sad tears
I’m happy
I don’t know how or when it happened but I finally found peace
Inside me, just waiting to burst out…
He did it… Yes He did…

Eloho is a poet and writer who blogs at

Please look forward to more of her poems.

You can follow her on Instagram HERE

Photo credit: Instagram

Till my next post,


Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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