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*presses play on Falz and Simi’s ‘Foreign’.

Welcome back to my blog, darling. It’s been hectic these past few weeks . I’m so happy the month is overPhew!!! I am grateful I’m still alive sef.

This is an early welcome to the new month of November. So, this post is me giving you a quick update on how my life has been lately.



Am I the only one that is just plainly pissed that NYSC is by force in Nigeria? Oh my! It’s sad enough have to go through a lot of stress and internet frustration to register, it just don’t make sense to me. Honestly, NYSC is just a waste of one  year as far as I am concerned but anyway, this is just my thought!


After going through all the stress to get the NYSC registration done and still no success with it, my friends and I decided to go watch A TRIP TO JAMAICA by AY-the comedian. The movie was really nice and I loved the fact that it wasn’t just a comedy film but it had a story line. By the way, do you know that before 3pm, its just #500 and after 3pm its #700 to watch a movie at the Adeniran Ogunsanya mall at Surulere? How am I just knowing about this now? *cries in ekun egbere*

That’s a great dupe  against the #1500 collected at other malls. Lol thank me later


Hmmmm, the things we see and hear from chilling in a danfo bus!

So, some days ago, I took a danfo bus from Kadupe busstop to Palmgrove busstop (these busstops are somewhere on the mainland). As I was about boarding it, a guy in the bus waved at me to come in so I assumed he was the conductor. He was even the one that collected the bus fare.

After alighting at Palmgrove, I started walking briskly towards a Pedestrian bridge so I could take another danfo to Yaba; I was already late for the appointment I had so I had to be fast.

Just some seconds into my walking splash, I heard, ‘hi, my name is…’To be very honest, I can’t remember what the name was but as I paused to look at the bearer of the name, it turned out to be the supposed conductor from the danfo I had just alighted from.

This guy followed me all the way through the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the road, asking me questions like, ‘are you going or coming back from work?, what do you do? Bla bla bla. I told him I am a content creator (I honestly didn’t expect him to understand what that means), only for him to reply with, ‘ohh you like one’. I just sighed beneath my breath.

Not long after I came down from the bridge, he threw that usual annoying pick up line, ‘I’d like to know you better’. Really? In this century? He was still trying to explain why I’d also love to know him better when i boarded the next available bus to Yaba without taking an excuse from him. *covers face*. Forgive me, I was just too focused on where I was going and had no time for chit-chat.

However, to my surprise, as I boarded the bus, the guy started throeing tantrums on the road and shouts of ‘THAT’S NOT FAIRRRRR’ coupled with rejection filled the busstop. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Hmmm!



By the way, on Wednesday, a gentle man volunteered to help me pack my hair to the side in a keke napep cuz of the fervent breeze blowing that day. He held the hair till I got to my destination and also paid my fare. Do such men still exist in Lagos and in this recession? I was really shocked…told him thank you like three times lol


This year, I have been trying to have an organised Instagram feed but the struggle is REEEEEALLLL! I honestly don’t mind some feed lessons right now.


This is the third time I’m re writing this post because…l

For a while now, I’ve been having issues with my laptop. First, it started with a battery issue. However, what happens when you’ve typed a long roll of blog posts and the laptop just suddenly starts deleting all you’ve written, all by itself? Can someone please explain what is going on to me?

PS: I need a new laptop. I cannot come and die with the issues this laptop is giving me. I am accepting Macbooks and HP Spectre, thank you. xx


Recently, I’ve been in and out of hospitals and drugs. From massive eye boils to throwing ups to running temperature fir for Eba…Please just Pray for me, will you? Thanks my love.


I’ve been learning pretty much plenty things about individual relationship with God and learning to hear when He speaks to me. I also recently started a Bible Study group where some youths and I talk about our walk with God, share some rhema and some cool gospel songs. Shoot me a personal mail at if you want me to hook you up with the group as well.



The past week has been my week of giveaway luck. First, it was a voucher code for some Naira off from RoadChef Classic burger (I’ll do a review on that later), then it was a pair of pants from Tosin Toge’s birthday giveaway and then I got to give out some tickets to a show happening this weekend as well. If you didn’t know about this giveaway, you’re probably not following me on my social media platforms. Check them out, they’re all over this page. More giveaways coming soon!

That’s it for now guys! . Do let me know how your week has been and your relatable experiences lately.

Till my next post,


Always reflect God’s perfection xx.


Photo credits:

Kabenny, Tosin Junaid and myoamusic on Instagram.

  • Admiral_slim


    Hnmnnmm….. Interesting

  • Temxx


    Ehn Ehn. That man that helped you hold your hair hmmmm ????????????

  • Ajibike Oyindamola


    Lagos life is like no other city’s in Nigeria! The struggle is real. Lol the danfo guy though. Can’t stop laughing. I could almost imagine it in my head. It would have been such a funny episode.

    • Moyosoreoluwa

      Oh my darling,the danfo episode still cracks me up each time I remember

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