PERSONAL STYLE: Blue Shirt Dress

If there is one place in Ogun State that has beautiful scenery for shoots, it is the Babcock University environment. It’s adorned with greens and beautiful flowers.

A few weeks ago, I went to see my sister who just started school there and I decided to have a fun shoot to showcase this simple shirt dress that I picked up from Mr Price recently. In case you need one, Mr Price is located somewhere in Ikeja City Mall (ICM).

Babcock university environment

Shoot in Babcock

Affordable clothing is gradually becoming an issue in Nigeria so places like Mr Price are among the best bet for nice and affordable wears. Though, they have their ‘seasons’- if you know what I mean.

I also want to use this medium to congratulate you all on the Trump issue- Eku ti Trump o

Eku Trump o... Oya dab!
Eku Trump o… Oya dab!

It’s so amazing how Nigerians are taking the Trump issue so serious instead of focusing on the lessons we can learn from it. One major thing I learnt is if God says something is for you, no matter how much awon irunmoles try to tamper with it or cause a setback, you will get it. So, let’s ignore all distractions and focus on the Big Picture-success and happiness. I am not endorsing that he is the president I envisioned for America but abeg wetin be my own?

Be happy... You're gonna make some ? in this trump time...amen?
Be happy… You’re gonna make some dollars ? in this trump time…amen?

All I know is in this Trump presidency, I will be successful and I will make those dollars, my friends and family will be great too. Do whatever makes you happy, follow your dreams,  and stop bothering about Trump because to be honest, who Trump don Epp?

Blue shirt dress

By the way, I want to thank everyone that takes time to read and share my blog posts. You have no idea what this blog means to me, it has opened so many doors I never thought would. The working opportuities, the friends, the fun…just bliss! If I had been told this time in January that I’d be an influencer, I would have argued. As at January this year, I didn’t even know how important influencers were, talk more of being one.

I see you my loves... Thanks you ?
I see you my loves… Thank you ?

The pictures in this post were taken by my siblings; Bisola and Tobi.

He actually takes most of my pictures... ?
He actually takes most of my pictures… ?

They both took turns to direct as well as take the pictures. This blogging thing is gradually becoming  a family business lol

see me practicing the CEO life I dream of...
see me practicing the CEO life I dream of…

Now, to the dress which I paired with a pair of  polka dot shorts, because I wasn’t ready for breeze to blow part of my bride price away lol.

Polka dot shorts
Polka dot shorts

It’s very light in material which is good for this weather. Chai! Am I the only one who feels like the sun is moving below its axis? Hmmmmm again, I digress.

So comfy and flowy ?
So comfy and flowy ?

I had my camou face cap with me because the sun in Babcock ehnnn is on another level. Lagos sun is learning o. I never understood why people wore face caps so much in Babcock till I started wearing them…they make all the difference.

Camouflage face cap

Since I was going for a casual look, I decided to wear my simple black cross-strapped sandals from MAX.

Sandals from Max

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry for the picture overload, i just didn’t know which were my favs *covers face*

Smile though your heart is aching... i think I laugh too much tho :)
Smile though your heart is aching… i think I laugh too much tho 🙂

Please let me know what you think about the topics I raised in this post. Your comments put a romantic smile on my face like food does to my tummy.

See those ones doing University romance at my
See those ones doing University romance at my back…lol

peep the Babcock keke napep photo-bombing my picture

Till my next post, darling,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

21 thoughts on “PERSONAL STYLE: Blue Shirt Dress”

    1. thanks for stopping by, booboo kirry. We go survive o. I’m not so keen on their clothes too but they’ve got a few nice ones. Like I said in the post, they have their seasons. lol

  1. Heyyyy, lol you look like you had so much fun here. Saw this denim dress on instagram and I had to come find you. A casual and cool look. Gonna peruse this blog today. Do stop by mine when you’re chanced 🙂

  2. OMG! Yes! Babcock is such a beautiful place.
    I went there a couple of years ago to give out my final year project questionnaire: it focused on the university. And I had such a great time with my friends who were there at that time.

    Love your outfit too! That sandals is pretty.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

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