Heyy there… It’s been a minute since I’ve been here… I apologize. This post has been long overdue and I’m sorry. So without much ado, let’s get right into it.

It was about 12am and I was about closing my eyes to dance to the rhythm of sleep when I got a message to attend The Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show, hosted by The Kinky Apothecary, as an official blogger.

Of course, I was excited. Though I had an owambe planned for the day, I decided to ‘stab’the owambe for the show and oh was it worth it!

I was able to rub minds with bloggers from different genres like Tonia of thoniabankz.com, Velma Williams of infashionrehab.com, TGJonah, the brain behind Deire 1709 fashion and fashion blogger for toyosigregoryjonah.com, Alex of Nappyhaired.com and so many more. I was there with my lovely blogger squad, Tonye of tonyeigbani.com and Dami of damiesdiary.com.


I also came across some bloggers like Deola of Omogemura.com, Mirabelle of unservillefashionista,com and so on.
I also learnt certain things on interacting more with bloggers, especially the fact that you have to be YOU and ignore the naysayers because to be honest, not everyone will like you, your guts, what you do and who you are…and that’s okay. The most important thing is that you do not forget to aspire to be better than you were yesterday and to speak positively to situations and people around you.

The event took place at Harbour Point, on the Island and I had to uber my journey to save me stress. Present at NNHB were guest speakers like Kiitana, Ronke Raji, Zara, Igbocurls, Lola Maja, Wunmi Akinlagun and so many more. I personally enjoyed the interactive worksop session with Felicia Leatherwood who talked about loving and embracing our natural hair. She also made it clear to be sure that whatever videos or advice we take from YouTube regarding our hair, should be from someone who has the same hair texture as ours, else we might not get desired results.


Felicia Leatherwood
Felicia Leatherwood

I loved watching Kiitan and Ronke slay in their Ankara outfits but I was in a hurry and couldn’t even wait to get a picture with them.

Wunmi Akinlagun
Wunmi Akinlagun

There were beauty products from brands like Hegai and Esther, Zaron, and so on.
The major thing I didn’t like about the event was that there weren’t enough food stands on board, just a few with limited options like burger, hotdog, some smoothies and some alcohol. I’m a food person so an event without enough provision for food is an issue for me. I also got a small goody bag courtesy of ARM Pensions who also had a stall at the venue.
Some days before the event, a friend and I got talking and wondered what the name- Kinky Apothecary meant. Kinky is the natural 4c nappy texture that we have in this part of the world and apothecary, according to my dictionary, means a person who prepared and sold medicines in past times. So, in conjuction, could The Kinky Apothecary probably mean a pharmacist for kinky hair? Lol. I’ll leave you to ponder on that!
Till my next post,
Always reflect God’s perfection xx.
Photo credit: Tonye Igbani and my humble cam, Nick lol.

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