Personal Style : Clash of the Prints

Warm tidings I bring to you from somewhere in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.


This post, like the title reads is about the clash of all the prints I have on in this shoot. I’m usually not the one to wear so much different prints at once but after reading Tonye‘s post on trying something different and away from the norm, I decided to do it.

I got this flowery-print off shoulder/ cold shoulder dress from a Spar outlet on the Island and something quite funny happened. After picking it off the rack, I proceeded to the counter to pay. While the cashier was checking all I bought and calculating the amount, there was a guy packing all the stuff I bought into bags.  The cashier beside the one I was asked the guy packing the bags in Yoruba, “Elo ni won tu ta’yen? ” meaning “how much did they sell that one again? ” …the guy replied with the price and she said to the guy,  “Hmmmm awon eleyii ti won o mo ona Eko” , meaning ‘these ones that don’t know the way to Lagos market’ and she sighed.  The guy gave her a corrective remark saying don’t say that, let those that can buy it, buy and she sighed and took her scornful face away.


She was unaware of the fact that I’m a thoroughbred in Yoruba language and understood every word she had just uttered. I simply smiled and shook my head.


I know for a fact that if I am to buy and sew an ankara material to make this dress, it’d definitely amount to almost what I paid for this dress. That experience made me wonder how insensitive some people can be to their employers, bad mouthing and trying to bite the fingers that are feeding her in this recession. Imagine I decided to take it up with her, she’d probably be sweeping the streets of Lagos by now.


Boss Madam!
Boss Madam!

Anyhoo, my bag was a gift to my mum on her 50th birthday and I hijacked it lol… I absolutely love Animal prints which probably explains why my shades and shoes are both animal prints.

ankara bag
Shoes: Audrey Brooke
Sunglasses: Primark
Dress: Spar
Wig: @nappyhaired
Photography by : @theweirdgene





Drop it like its hot!
Drop it like its hot!

To be honest, Christmas doesn’t “shack” me but I pray for nothing less than an awesome Christmas and new year for everyone.
By the way, because I recently discovered bloggers like me may be finding it hard to get locations for their shoots, I’ll be dropping my locations so we all grow together. This was taken at Opebi Ikeja, Lagos.


There’s a Christmas giveaway on my Instagram so don’t forget to enter, I don’t really like repost giveaways so I won’t let you go through that stress…

Laugh heartily!

Till my next post,
Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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