The Olori LAGOS collection by Jae Août

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
(Matthew 6:33 NIV)

Welcome to the New Year, 2017. A year I believe and decree to be a year of perfection, breaking boundaries, retrieving territories and unrestricted power. I’m still forever all smiles, because I see the new year as a year of laughter.

Today, I’ll be bringing you a collection that speaks simplicity, yet beauty. You know that kind of slayage that doesn’t look “ogbanjeish” but just melts your heart… I present to you Olori LAGOS by Jae Août. Enjoy


They say “Appearance is everything”, we agree, but we say it’s not all about the appearance, but the one who makes the appearance worth it; for every trendy design, there must exist a fashion extraordinaire.



The collection, OLORI LAGOS, looks forward to seeing you look your best in every occasion, and that’s the inspiration to this season’s collection. Since looking your best seems a social norm, we deem it fit to see you look confident in your best.


The OLORI LAGOS collection allows you to fit into every crowd with our range of comfortable designs; being a collection that exalts the place of the feminine gender, OLORI LAGOS seeks to give every woman an essence of importance and power.

The collection goes beyond its name, reaching for the personality of she who brings the name to life. With OLORI LAGOS, Style, Glamour, Trend, Sophistication and Power become personified through you.

You can get yours and more timeless pieces HERE


Till my next post,


Always reflect God’s perfection xx. 

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