Confessions of a Blogger I

A little extra sleep,

a little more slumber,

a little folding of the hands to rest—

then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.
(Proverbs 24:33‭-‬34)

Jonathan Mcreynolds is one fine man shaa… Amen?

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Happy Easter everyone! Thank Jesus for laying His life for us. We’d have all been doing “any work” /house girl or boy in hell fire, by now.

Anyhoo,a lot of people have been asking me, “what’s up with your blog?  No content?  What’s going on” ? I usually find an excuse to give them but nobody really understands why I’ve been MIA. Here’s why…

In January of this year, I got called to serve my country, that is, NYSC (rolls eyes). At camp, we weren’t allowed to bring in things like laptops, camera and Co. Yes, I had my phone but terrible network was another force to reckon with it. I was completely crippled socially and couldn’t access my social media accounts or update the blog.

I was in camp for three weeks and though, it seemed fast to the eyes but “blogally”, it was a Loooong time. While in camp, I was recording videos, taking pictures, writing down ideas for the blog from experiences in camp but immediately I got out, I became so “unmotivated” to do anything towards creating content for the blog. Laziness to sit down and type, stress to look for a photographer and a good location for shoots, getting food backdrops for flatlays… Everything was a total stress to me.

For my readers who don’t know, this is what a flatlay is. A picture of items taken from a flat perspective, I hope you understand

To make matters worse, I was posted to Ado. There’s little or no knowledge or motivation to blog there. There are hardly any bloggers there so no one even understands what a blog is, except Linda Ikeji of course. Though, I was lucky to find a few colourful backgrounds which are pertinent to the kind of Instagram feed I’m trying to achieve, finding a photographer at the point when I’m less busy to shoot is another feat to conquer. By the way, follow me on Instagram HERE, pretty please

I teach at a school and also do extra lessons to gain some extra cash. So, I’m extremely exhausted by the time I’m home. Plus, I also do a few background jobs like taking pictures for events and stuff. That requires that after leaving work, finding my way to the market to buy food stuff, going home to cook, eating tiredly and resting, I still have to do Gulder Ultimate Search around my house to look for network and power supply to work. Most times, when I’m motivated to blog, there’s either no network, no power supply or no one to take my pictures… It’s an absolutely annoying situation.

It’s one thing not to have anything to blog about. It’s another thing when all the other odds required for you to blog, are not in your favour. Some mornings when going to work,  I look in the mirror and say, this would make a fantastic style outfit for the blog but there’s no one to snap me so I sadly pop my earpiece on, to my latest podcast app and grab the next available okada.

My YouTube channel is another matter for Matthias! No good background and lightning to shoot in Ado o. It seems like I’ve completely abandoned it. I haven’t had content there in a while. Funny thing is, I have loads of content to upload there but no motivation. Infact, God help us.

Blogging is HARD WORK!  A lot of people do not know this, brands especially. As bloggers, we have to deliver marketing campaigns and stuff without excuses. This is another reason why I haven’t taken offers from certain brands cuz there’s no point, collecting either your money, product or kind and not deliver due to bad network or power supply.

I believe strongly that being open about your struggles to your audience is quite important. To be very honest, I feel like I’ve lost how to be a blogger ?.  When I came from camp, I looked at blogs and instagram pages and wondered, “how do we create a pleasant feed aesthetics again? “… I had forgotten.

How did I get here? I don’t know, maybe it’s inadequate access from the blogosphere for too long… Or maybe it’s lack of motivation or maybe it’s just laziness.

The bottom line, however is that I’m back and my enemies in the village have failed ?

I’m going to try to put in as much effort as possible. Please bear with me being MIA…and please leave suggestions on the kind of content you want to see on my blog and YouTube channel. I’d love to hear from you because who I be?  If not for God and you my readers. This na the work wey we dey do, we no fit do am without Una.

I’m in Lagos briefly for the Easter holidays, so I’m trying to regain some lost time with the blog and brands I have to work with. I also need to have me some nice meals… I’ve been eating so much since I came ehnnn… Ahhh food is bae.

I love you all and please remember me in your prayers.

This my smile sha…

Till my next post,
Always reflect God’s perfection xx

Photo credit: @blogginggals on Instagram

18 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blogger I”

  1. Sorry dear! Yea it can be really frustrating when your current environment is not even helping. When I was in camp , I couldn’t blog or post either and it was annoying. Just always remember why you started blogging, i think that’s motivation enough. ??

  2. Hello Tosin! First time here.
    This post was quite lengthy but I’m glad I read it to the end.
    I know the struggle of trying to balance running your blog, Nysc and having a social life. I just completed my Nysc programme this month and it was such a relief to have my life back.
    I suggest you take it easy, try not to overthink the situation and try to create content even if you are not consistent. I’m sure your lovely readers will understand. Don’t let your environment stop you from being the creative that you are. You can always seek out someone to take pictures for you. If the person doesn’t know how to work a camera, teach them.
    You’ll be alright.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Thank you so much Praise. You really lifted my spirit with your comment. I’ll be sure to take your advice…and please, do stop by often. Thanks again ?

  3. First time here and I love how open you are with the struggle of keeping up. Blogging looks all glam on the outside but it’s a lot of work happening behind the scenes. You’ve got what it takes to keep this going. I’m rooting for you and look forward to the awesomeness about to gush in here. Have a beautiful day. ?

  4. I love your narrative style. When I served in a reserved local government in Abeokuta, I had the same challenge of being motivated by anything even though I didn’t own a blog then doing anything fun was Out of the question because the environment wasn’t motivating. I’m glad you are finding your way around it.

    Well done girl.

    1. Hey Kozi, thank you so much for reading. I’m gradually finding my way out of the struggle ?

  5. Congrats on getting your mojo back! (Read the other posts after this). I also see that Ado is warming up to you. Stay motivated, there’s beauty no matter where you are!

    Love the dress too!

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