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And that water is a picture of baptism,

which now saves you, not by removing dirt from your body,

but as a response to God from a clean conscience.

It is effective because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

(1 Peter 3:21)

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Heyy guys, I’m currently loving this app called “Podcast Addict”. It updates all your favourite preachers’ messages to your phone. It’s been such a blessing to me. My favourite preacher now is Steven Furtick, so relatable and open.

If you follow me on my social media platforms, you’d discover that added to certain subjects I talk/ write about, is my Faith. So this is a faith-related post. My faith is the most important to me in this world and I’ve not been feeling too okay with the fact that I’ve been incorporating it indirectly on the blog instead of hitting it heads on.

Back to the post of the moment- I think one of the things I’m extremely happy about and keeps me fulfilled is that I get to attend a church  of my choice, where the Word is served hot like Nigerian Jollof. In less than a month, I was finally convinced that I was ready to have my water baptism. Let’s do a little background story, shall we?

I’ve been a good girl all my life. I was the kind of child who did everything possible to honour her parents. I was that kind of girl who’d never be caught alone in a room with the opposite gender. Though, I loved to party, I never attended any party per say, except school parties and Co. I was a church goer, at least I couldn’t sit at home while my parents were churching. I read my Bible whenever I remembered to, at least, I knew Bible stories- David and Co. I never understood why some people will not dance to Ice Prince, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown,  Wiz Khalifa or Psquare. Why will you go to party and sit down when music is going on,  are you T…?

It soon dawned on me, that I was a moralist, not a Christian.

I went out almost every time there was an alter call. Anyways to cut the long story short, in the beginning of 2012, I decided to actually go for the last i-know-what-i-am-doing-now alter call. I was SS3, wearing my school uniform, came out from the Alto side of the choir and said the words meaningfully to accept Jesus as my Lord. Just so you know, I had been in the choir years before that day. So, note that NOT everyone who goes to church, is a worker in church or even speaks in tongues, is a believer.

me laughing at y’all who were baptised in a river while I was baptised in a swimming pool

Though, I didn’t really understand all it meant. I was willing to go on the journey. I went on to Uni after that, joined the choir, went to every Christian concert I could, went to every church programme I could, especially that of P3 ( the church I used to attend in school). I started to know what it felt like to worship and experience His presence.

When I was in 200 level, Nathaniel Bassey came over to P3 and said we should pray to God if we wanted to work and serve Him. I prayed not knowing what I was bargaining for. Fast forward to some weeks after, I became a co-choir leader till I graduated from uni. I started to speak in tongues in 300 level ( story for another day).

It’s been 5 years since I consciously gave my life to Him but I hadn’t gone through water baptism cuz I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing and to do it in a church where I’d willingly oblige to it.

I found that church I was looking for, in the heart of Ekiti State- House on the Rock, Ado-Ekiti; the first best decision I made when I got to Ado.

On the night of March 31st/ 1st of April, 2017, I could hardly sleep. I kept waking up and checking the time. I was too excited. I woke up earlier than usual and worshipped so happily. I washed my saviour’s feet with wells of tears. I could feel His presence strongly in my room.

Fast forward to 7am that day, I navigated my way to the hotel where in the baptism was to take place and in less than 5 minutes, my old self had been buried in Jesus and my new self emerged. I know some people were baptised in streams or rivers but let’s leave that ?

Note : I had attained a certain level of spiritual maturity before I was water baptised. So many people were surprised when I told them I was just about to be water baptised. But note strongly that after giving your life to Christ, every other kind of spiritual attainment does not have any specific order.

  • I was already speaking in tongues years before I was baptised. So, don’t let anyone let you feel one kain for not having water baptism yet, despite whichever level of spirituality you have attained.

In addition, I do not have a specific baptismal name. Some people felt it was strange not to have a new name since I was getting baptised. If you’d like to have a new name, by all means do, but it’s not biblical and is not compulsory. It’s not a prerequisite for your baptism to be authentic. It wasn’t recorded anywhere in the Bible that anyone had a change or addition of name after water baptism…please show me one if you disagree with me ?

Forgive my long story, it was an extremely exciting moment for me and I can’t ever forget the date (April 1st,  2017). Glory to God!

If you’ve had your water baptism, please share how you felt briefly in the comment section and please let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see here.

see my teeth, i was too excited

I love you all.

Till my next post,
Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

5 thoughts on “Guys, I GOT BAPTISED! ??”

  1. Quite an interesting story, been a Christian all my life and a worker for years, graduated into spirit and true worship a few years back, but funny enough I’ve never had the opportunity to be baptized in water I can almost feel your excitement. Although swimming pool baptism though “lmao” lip sealed. oh your baptismal name should probably be Ruth or better still Esther.

    1. lol Foluso. Don’t be jealous of my swimming pool baptism o. Thanks for stopping by darling, and sharing your story with me. kisses xo

  2. I see you’re so excited. Congratulations​, Tosin. I was a church worker for a few months then I decided it was time to be baptized. It was supposed to be at a stream but for some reason, my Pastor cancelled and we were baptized in a swimming pool ?. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a great weekend.

    1. lol Pamela, the excitement was real. Guess we’re both in the swimming pool gang, yeah? we’re the cool kids. Thanks for reading, my love. Have a fantastic weekend

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