5 Reasons Why We Love Pancake Hub

The one who eats everything

must not treat with contempt the one who does not,

and the one who does not eat everything

must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them

(Romans 14:3)

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Welcome to the blog today guysssss! You can tell I’m really excited. Bring your ears, let me whisper why, ‘The blog will be a year this month and giveaways have started on my Instagram page already, what are you waiting for???  Be a part of the community and follow me HERE

Anyhoo, today I have a post in collaboration with one of the sponsors of the giveaway, a brand really dear to my heart, ‘Pancake Hub‘. Pancake Hub is located at 17, Jibowu Street, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria. They make the best pancakes evuuuuuuur! and their pasta meal? It’s a life saver. I’ve even taken people there for us to have casual business meetings, just so you know how much I love them. I can turn the place to office and be going there everyday with my laptop to work.

Without much ado, let me give you 5 reasons why Tosin Olaniyi and her tribe love Pancake Hub.

  • The Environment is Cool and Serene 
    • If you’re like me who is beginning to or loves quiet and calm places to chill, relax or have an informal business meeting, then Pancake Hub is the place for you. You see, in this my life ehnn, one of my life goals is to have muli-million dollar business deals discussed and signed over sweet and savoury dishes and my dream has begun to come true. Pancake Hub was one of the first places in Lagos to give me that feeling. Pancake Hub is a simple cottage located in a garden-like scenery, with greens and flowers everywhere. You can even have picnics there as well.

  • Their Customer Service is very welcoming

Take it from me, Pancake Hub has one of the best customer service ever, online and offline. They are so welcoming and make you feel at home within seconds of your arrival. They treat you like a queen or king that you are. Their online presence was the first thing that prompted me to visit the place for the first time. Their online PR answered all questions very pleasantly that I began to wonder who was behind the screen. My experience was so sweet as the persona was chatting with me, welcoming me as I walked into the premises. There’s no way you’re not leaving Pancake Hub with a smile on your face.

This lil angel was given a chance to make her own pancakes, how lovely!
  • The food is amaaaaziiing

See, forget am, these people sabeeeee. Their meals are so niiice, I’m actually craving some while typing this. They have an array of meals to choose from their menu at affordable prices. Savoury dishes, sweet dishes, a blend of both; just name it, they gat you. They’re also very creative with their meals; fruity pancake tarts, chicken pasta…ewoooo! Their food is bae biko!

  • They have charging spots
    • I know this is funny but almost every Nigerian goes around with a phone charger these days so don’t blame me if I consider it a plus that they have charging spots. Though, considering the fact that its a relatively small and cute place, the charging spots aren’t a lot compared to those Naira Bet shops down the road but its a great initiative that favours the customer.
  • There’s always something for this kids  

You’re looking for somewhere to chill and you have young siblings or kids around? Don’t look no further. Pancake Hub has something for the kids as well. Their Childrens’ Day Party was so lit. You can just inform them that you have a kid coming and they gat you covered!

Tiger-chocolatey goodness

Pancake Hub is an absolute 9/10 for me and coming from a foodie like me, that’s a fantastic score. Hurry and visit them at 17 Jibowu Street, Yaba. they do deliveries on only their Pasta meal. Just tell them you’re from me *winks*

Did I include that they’re giving free lunch to someone?

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Have you ever been to Pancake Hub? What was your experience? Comment below, let’s have a chit-chat.


Till my next post,

Always Reflect God’s Perfection xx.

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