Why You Should Ditch Your Local Bukka (Collaboration with Bukka Hut)

He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever.
(Psalm 136:25)

I was passing by a street, somewhere on Lagos mainland and a swarm of flies welcomed me, just as I was halfway into the street. A waaawu foul stench also followed and I was left to wonder what was going on. Has LAWMA decided to have a branch on this street?

A few steps more and my curiosity was satisfied. The unwarranted greeting from the flies and rude awakening to my nostrils were as a result of a back log of refuse dumped right in front of a popular buka (local food vendor) in the area. Right in front of the buka was the abbatoir where the live animals were killed for human consumption; all adding to the oppression my nose was going through.

I grew up in Lagos, so I am no visitor to bukas. However, this particular experience incited an urge in me to start despising bukas. My quest for something that would make my sense organs jump for joy as well as keep “Stomach Tosin ” (who is singing in hunger at the moment ?) fulfilled, found me a new found love for African dishes- Bukka Hut.

My sister also began the quest as well so she joined me in putting this post together. So, here are reasons why you should ditch your local buka, especially if it infiltrates the environment with pollution like the one I described above:

  1. Hygiene

I’ve heard a number of people say they don’t go to eateries or modern bukas like Bukka Hut because the processes of cooking are not visible to consumers and “what you don’t know cannot kill you”, so they believe there’s more to it than meets the eye. However, I beg to differ. Bukka hut gives assurance of a good hygiene inside out. On several occasions, I have seen the cooks of Bukka Hut having hair nets on,  in and out of the kitchen. At least we are safe from having someone’s DNA in our food. Plus, flies and other disturbing insects are not having a party with you  and the aroma of the food is fresh and appealing. Unlike other bukas,where the structure of the kiosk is old and rugged, the cooking method is exposed to the public, to dust, smoke from exhaustion pipes and other micro organisms, saliva, sweat and what have you are all over, Bukka Hut guarantees  hygiene and safety.

  1. Taste

As someone who has had the opportunity to eat at so many places because of the nature of my job and the fact that I’m a certified foodie with PhD, I can say for a fact that Bukka Hut does an excellent job in maintaining the taste in your favorite Afang or Oha soup. Their chefs keep it in mind that there would be variation in the customers that they’ll have and use all ingredients in the right proportion. Not too spicy nor salty; just the right amount for all kinds of consumers.

  1. Variety

For a modernized buka, Bukka Hut offers a wide variety of food and drinks for thier consumers as their menu entails all kinds of swallow (Amala,  Pounded Yam,  Eba etc) and soups with assorted meat, fish pasta, rice and beans, yam pottage and even Adalu (beans and corn).

They also offer breakfast meals like Pap And Akara and cook a special soup every week to spice up the menu.

Did I add that they sell soups in bulk as well?  Just in case you’re too tired and may not have time to cook for the week, you can just holla at them.  All at affordable prices.


  1. Comfort

Unlike the road side bukkas, Bukka Hut is comfortable. Which buka offers you seats where you can rest your back in a fully air-conditioned and cosy environment?   Their restrooms are always very clean and comfortable for use. They give you that home away from home feeling. I remember how we used to sweat while queuing to buy Amala at one buka laidat! Chaiii!

  1. Hospitality

A lot of road side bukas have very rude and uncultured attendants as they sometimes forget or have never heard that “customers are always right”. Most of them put customers off just by their responses. some even go as far as belching, yawning, sneezing or scratching…wow! Inside food wey i wan chop?

The case is different in Bukka Hut as you’re treated like royalty right from even the packing lot. The attendants are also very warm. Did I add that they do home delivery at just little extra cost? What can be better?

my brother leaps for joy after a Bukka Hut experience

In addition, Bukka Hut offers their lounge free of charge for you to host a close knitted event for just about 50-100 people.

So, tell me why you wouldn’t eat at Bukka Hut as they deliver your naija meal, the bukka way.

NB: This post is proudly sponsored by Bukka Hut, however all points stated are factually mine and are honest opinions.

Follow Bukka Hut on instagram HERE and on twitter HERE… And follow me too. There are a series of giveaways still going on there, including an opportunity to have lunch at Bukka Hut. Tell a friend.


Till my next post,


Always reflect God’s Perfection xx.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Ditch Your Local Bukka (Collaboration with Bukka Hut)”

  1. When I was younger, I didn’t eat at bukkas even though I would have loved to because my parents didn’t think they were hygienic. Some of them are definitely not but I suppose there are a few good ones around.

    Bukka Hut sounds really good and I think it’s very nice that they offer you their lounge free of charge. Great post.xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Your parents must have gotten the memo very quick in life. Thank you so much for stopping by, Demi. I look forward to seeing more of you. Cheers ?

  2. I like the food at Bukka Hut, when I used to work in Lekki their jollof rice and turkey was a good way to deal with stress. LooL I hardly eat Bukka food, my parent instilled the fear of food poisoning in my life. Plus I have had acute typhoid before, it wasn’t a joke.

    Nice post….xxx

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