Period Pain Remedies for Every Nigerian Woman

‘And my God

will meet all your needs

according to the riches of his glory

in Christ Jesus’

(Phillipians 4:19)

My darling,

In my a-little-over two decades life, I have read a lot of articles on how to ease period cramps because I suffer from them, myself. Recently, my father looked at me and said, ‘how would you survive if you were working at an organisation that required your presence a whole lot?’. I replied that I’d just have to call in sick. He shook his head in utter pity for me and said, ‘not every organisation can take that’ , and he sighed.

Most articles that I have read on period cramps online, usually highlight  items that I cannot find around me in Nigeria or don’t just work for me…could it be that, because these are written by women of other races, they won’t work for women of colour? Well, I found a few that I tried and worked for me.


Let’s not pretend like a lot of us don’t run away from exercising, especially if you have your perfect weight and you feel why do I have to exercise to lose weight? I knew but it took years of pain for it to sit down in a pretty corner in my skull, that exercising isn’t only for those trying to lose weight. Exercising helps to release Endorphins into your system and a form of Analgesia which help to relief pain. However, don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made by waiting for the pain to hook you before you exercise. Make it a habit to engage in aerobic exercise, at least two to three times, a week. Exercises such as walking fast, running, swimming, cycling…something to get your heart rate up. You could also try doing some yoga. I tried and it was quite relaxing.


Water seems to be the holy grail for everything. Want good skin? Drink water. Want healthy hair? Drink water. Want your bank account to flourish? Drink water. Want to have Rihanna’s body? Drink water.

This ‘drink water’ movement is becoming cliche but I’m sorry, you will hear it here, again. DRINK WATER. A lot of it, intact. Water helps to flush out toxins in your system and you feel more relaxed.


My father gave me this and it worked quite well. Make some hot tea (lipton, green tea and the rest, not MILO or Bournvita oo). Add some lemon juices and drink. Warm liquids help with blood flow and help you feel a lot more relaxed and lemons help flush out toxins as well.


Bananas are a life saver!!! My best Twitter friend, Oluwaseyi was the first to tell me of bananas for menstrual cramps but I didn’t really take note of it. I saw it on YouTube as well and tried it one time, when I almost died from pain. I felt instant relief. Bananas are rich in Vitamin B6 and Potassium which are good for you. By the way, Twitter is a life saver o! If you know, you know!


Normally, some Paracetamol should do the trick but for someone like me, who reacts to Paracetamol, you’d have to find an alternative. Paracetamol makes me itch like I have an anthill on my head. The doctor advised me against Felvin so I had to look for something that could help me. While writhing in pains and unable to move, my parents set out and discovered “Nurofen for Period Pain“. My love, the relief cannot be quantified by words. You must make sure you eat VERY well and drink enough water before taking it. Don’t say you didn’t see this part on Tosin’s blog o.

Stay Away from Corn, Mayonnaise and anything that SCREAMS SALT AND SUGAR

My grandma told me once to stay away from Corn few days to my period and during but I love corn and didn’t listen. I can’t even explain the outcome. Maybe I almost died will suffice to what I felt. So, I’m telling you too, stay away from Corn, Mayo and anything that has a lot of sugar and salt. Like Nigerian mothers will say, ‘if you like, don’t hear word. I’ve said my own’.


A few of my friends have tried this. They declare words of healing into their bodies, a few days before their period comes. I always forget to do it before the period comes. So, when I try it, I’ll be back to give you feedback. One of my friends advises that you do it three times daily like you’re taking a drug dose. The declaration could go something like,

‘My body is The temple of the Lord,

therefore, my body knows no pain.

By His stripes, I am healed. 

Jesus is my healer, therefore,

pain has no place in my body.’

You can go on, adding scriptures of healing and don’t forget to pray with faith. Prayers without faith is like driving a car without petrol- you’re on your own.


I hope you found this post helpful. Please share with your family, friends, acquaintances, enemies and neighbours. Don’t forget to leave a comment as well. What do you do to ease period pains? Do let me know in the comments section.

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Till my next post,


Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

4 thoughts on “Period Pain Remedies for Every Nigerian Woman”

  1. Thanks Tosin! I do exercise but it’s usually not enough to ease the pain. Learnt more remedies and I would try them out!!!

    So true, I do need to exercise a lot more lol

    One thing I preach is Raspberry Leaf tea
    It’s great for the overall well being of a woman
    a cup of raspberry leaf tea every day, whether you are on your period or not
    it’s great!
    Oh and Camomile tea at night on the days of your periods

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