Skinny Girl Series: How to Get a Curvy Appearance

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Your appearance is very important and in as much as you want to be seen in outfits that are in vogue, you want to be feel comfortable and attractive at the same time. As a woman, understanding your body type is very important to choosing the clothes you wear. If you’re curvy or on the thick size, probably from a size 10 upward, you may not have so much to worry about as it is quite easy to find clothes that fit. You may just need to make sure of certain things like being a pear shaped or an apple shaped woman. We’ll talk about that later but for the sake of this post, the target now is the averagely skinny woman.

It has taken me a long time to fully accept and appreciate the fact that I’m quite skinny. I hardly find my perfect size of clothes. In fact, in my entire life, I have found only three pairs of Jeans (two pants and a skirt) that are a perfect fit. I have had to either slim fit clothes or wear them that way to give that ‘I just threw this on and played it’ look. So, if you’re quite skinny or know someone who is, I can totally relate to the struggle and the constant, ‘Don’t you eat?’ questions.

Here are a few tips that could help to make you feel more confident in your clothes and help you to appear a bit more curvy than you originally are:

Choose Tops that Flatter your Assets
When you put on tops with flattering effects, it tends to add a kind of fullness to your bust and hip areas. This makes your waistline slimmer and makes you look curvier. Peplum tops, off the shoulder tops, tops with draping fronts or those that are ‘corset-looking’ with ropes/belts you can tie in front accentuate your figure and are perfect for skinny ladies.

Never pair a big with a big skirt/trousers together or a skinny top with skinny trousers
Except of course you’re a guru at slaying anything like Rihanna, it is not advisable to wear a baggy top on a big pair of trousers or a skinny top on a skinny pair of pants, for any body shape, talk more if you’re on the skinny side. It is unflattering and overshadows your figure. Also, avoid spaghetti straps, tube tops/gowns…anything that exposes your ‘deeper life’ neck region to the world or makes it more obvious that you’re skinny like extremely tight jeans, tube ‘condom’ skirts and so on. We don’t want the world thinking we look like a scarecrow, do we?

Wear a well tailored jacket or blazers
Blazers or jackets are a perfect way to define your waist and give an hourglass figure. Just make sure you’re pairing it with a fitted skirt to preferably, trousers.

Flared Skirts/Dresses are the way to go!
Flared or pleated skirts/dresses create the illusion of fuller hips and a curvier body.

Wear a Wrap Dress

I think wrap dresses are a life saver. Wrap dresses have a way of making your waist area look smaller, thereby giving your bust and hip areas that ‘full’ look that you so desire. The one I have on in this post was custom made and I absolutely love it.

Add a Belt

  • Belts minimise the waistline and give a hourglass figure. I particularly requested for the one in this post.

Bonus Tip: Stick to three quarter or flared arms for your blouses or gowns. They give a better look as opposed to spaghetti straps. Let’s keep the skinny arms in check lol

That’s it guys. Please share your tips with me on this topic and I hope you found this helpful. Do share this post with every body you know and don’t forget to leave a comment.

My mules are from @honortradeventures on Instagram and pictures were taken by my sister, Bisola.

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  1. ‘Don’t you eat’ Has got to be the most annoying question ever ! Like no, i like to starve myself. Great Post Tosin, definitely going to stick to these tips!

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