How to Get Banana/Plantain Chunks out of Your Natural Hair – DIY Conditioner Fail

Deep Conditioning is one of the major ways to add moisture which in turn, leads to growth and healthy hair. It is the act of saturating your hair with a Deep Conditioner, leaving it for some time to be absorbed into the hair strands and then, rinse it off. There are a ton of Deep conditioners to choose from. However, in a bid to save money and in my own case, lack of an alternative at the time I needed to wash my hair, a lot of natural haired women resort to making homemade conditioners. It, however, resulted in a fail. This post, my darling, is going to teach you how I was able to get chunks of Banana/Plantain out of my hair.

A lot of people might be wondering what Banana is doing in my hair. Thanks to the internet, we have learned that Banana is a really good ingredient for deep conditioning as it contains Potassium, which is good for the hair. I had tried using a home-made Avocado Pear deep Conditioner and it worked wonders but I couldn’t find Avocado Pear so I went for an alternative- Plantain/Banana.

I have had natural (unrelaxed) hair for over two years, strong. I usually do not do posts on my natural hair because I have them in wigs, most of the time (let me know if you want more hair posts). I had run out of my favourite Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner and thought of a Do-It-Yourself recipe to help get similar or even better results.

Unfortunately, I did not do my research well. The Plantain/Banana was meant to ground in a blender till it was absolutely lump-free. I did use a blender to achieve this but there were still bit of chunks in it, which I didn’t give much thought to, so I used it that way.

I used Black Soap to wash my hair and proceeded to the Plantain treatment (I also added Coconut oil and Shea Butter Oil to the mix). I used a nylon cap over it and let it sit for almost one hour. Delighted that my hair had undergone wonders, I took the cap off after one hour to rinse it off. It was after rinsing that I began to see my beloved ‘Dodo-in-Embryo’ all over in my hair. I was completely clueless as to what to do so I went back to Google. After reading a ton of comments, I decided to co-wash a bit and followed by a rinse out conditioner.

Alas! The chunks were still there so I packed my hair in two and left it to dry.

The next day, I resorted to YouTube to help solve my predicament and after watching some videos, this is what I eventually did:
a. Finger detangled my hair in sections. While finger-detangling, I was removing the dried up chunks from my hair. Be rest assured that everywhere was filled with dusty particles all over. My darling dodo has dried up.
b. I took my favourite Co-wash product of all time, The AS I AM Co-wash.

I applied a generous amount to the four sections I did on my hair. I proceeded to comb with a wide tooth comb and finger detangled again to further remove the Plantain particles.
c. After doing this to all four sections, I went into the shower, gradually pouring water on each section as I combed my hands through the hair, as the water went down. I did this to all four sections.
d. After coming out of the shower, I applied about three pumps of my AS I AM Leave-In Conditioner.

This also serves as a detangler to each section. I finger detangled again and then sealed in the moisture with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.

This was how I was able to get the Plantain chunks out of my hair. Would I try this again? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, though. If I decide to try it again, I’m making sure the paste is as smooth as baby’s butt before applying. Till then, I’m sticking to normal deep Conditioners.

Quick review of these two As I Am Products

I got both products in August this year and I’m almost halfway through the Co-wash. I’m guessing this is because it’s a bit runny. Nevertheless, it does an amazing job of washing the hair without drying it out like a shampoo normally would. It is also good for detangling the hair. This Co-wash feels really cool on the scalp when water is poured on it after application.
The Leave-In, on the other hand, is a miracle worker. it is AWESOMELY GREAT to detangling the hair and leaves you with popping curls as well.

See my curls popping

My hair feels like so silky each time I’m done applying this combo.
They both retail for about 7/8 Pounds each in the United Kingdom (where I got them), depending on the store you get them from. I’m looking forward to restocking these when they eventually run out. It’s a pretty good price for the quality you get from it.

Word of The Day

But if a woman has long hair,

it is her glory,

For her hair is given to her

for a covering.

(1 Corinthians 11:15 ESV)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not to say that if you decide to rock a low cut, you have no glory. You are indeed beautiful!! I am even contemplating cutting mine.

Quick Question: Have you ever tried this deep conditioning treatment at home? Ever tried any hair treatment at home that led to a fail after? What are your favourite Deep Conditioner brands? Do let me know in the comment section below. I need a new Deep Conditioner

Until my next post,
Always reflect God’s Perfection xx.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Banana/Plantain Chunks out of Your Natural Hair – DIY Conditioner Fail”

  1. Ah! I tried this with avocado. I didn’t blend it, just used fork to mash it. Best believe that I was removing avocado from my hair even 5 days after. I won’t try it again unless it’s blended smoothly. But it’s good to know that there’s a solution to this…..

    Thank you Tosin

  2. I can’t imagine the stress you had to go through, DIY deep conditioner is my thing! I can’t remember the last time i bought a deep conditioner maybe last 2 years or so. I like to say I’ve mastered the art of using all sorts on MY hair, i love experimenting so Diy’s are great but i should get one in case I’m too lazy to start blending and all. Next time make sure the banana’s are overripe.

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