10 Top Tips for Flying with Kids

It’s time for another school term. You might be among the many parents who travelled for the Christmas holidays with their children and are finding their way back home, to begin this school term.
Flying with children could get a bit overbearing especially if you have very active children. So, here are 10 tips that could save you from crying your eyes out in the plane lavatory:

1. Find out Flight information and Regulations

The smartest way to start planning to travel with your kids is to find out the basic information of the flight that you intend to catch to your destination. Find out flight booking, the price for you and your kid(s), boarding time and take off time. A flight quite early in the day is preferable. Also, make sure you find out that particular airline’s regulations on children. This will ensure that you don’t break any flight rules.

2. Eat and Rest well before the Trip

It is advised that you eat and rest well before the trip so that you’re not cranky or already stressed before the flight.

3. Make sure you get to the airport and Check-in on time

Most flights have a strict adherence to time so in your best interest, get to the airport and check-in on time. This will give you time to fill necessary documents, transit with your kids, keep them a bit settled and ready before the flight takes off. This will also enable you to get a few things you from the airport, that you might have forgotten at home, such as snacks and toys.


4. Get a lunch bag and fill it with food and snacks


Most kids love to munch on sweet stuff. The annoying thing however, is that they ask for them at the times when you may not have them around. So, to save yourself the headache and incessant wailing from your kids, pack enough snacks, drinks and food that can last the trip. Be sure to pack water as well. It’s very important.

5. Don’t forget to pack enough Diapers and Pull – ups

One of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to you on a plane is to have your kids mess up everywhere with poo. Plan smartly by packing enough diapers and pull – ups so that you can easily take a quick stop to the lavatory to clean them up. Remember to always take regular visits to the lavatory. Children take the piss and poo a lot.

6. Pack enough distractions such as games, puzzles and toys

A lot of kids get calm when they have a toy or game to play with. So, don’t forget to take enough to keep them busy.


7. Educate your kids on what to do when their ears hurt.

When I started travelling as a kid, I learnt from my dad what to do when my ears hurt, while on a flight. His advice was that I swallow some of the saliva in my mouth each time or yawn and it worked. I’ve also found that chewing gum also helps. This would be most helpful when travelling long distances such as flights to USA. You should teach your kids some safety tips like that, as well.

8. Be friendly with the Air Hostesses and other Passengers

It could get quite annoying having crying or very active children disturbing other passengers. To prepare them for the trouble, be friendly with them from the onset. Some of them may even offer to help with your kids. Be friendly with the air hostesses too. They usually have snacks, stuffy toys and other activities for kids to play with.

9. Be ready for stomach upsets and tantrums

Prepare yourself for possible stomach upsets and regular tantrums from your kid(s). Make sure to include some first aid medication in your bag as you pack.

10. Make sure to hold them close and Get them ready for Landing

Kids could get scared when a plane is about to land. Having a parent that assures them they’d be fine helps to ease their tension. Hold them close and prepare them for landing. It’s a win – win for everyone.



I hope you found these tips helpful. Please let me know what other tips you might have tried and worked for you, below. Don’t forget to share!

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