How to Create a Digital Vision Board (Using Canva)

Every year, people set goals to help make the year better than the previous one. Some even go as far as creating a Vision board so that each time, you look at it, you’re motivated to keep working harder to smash those goals. Most of those who create vision boards do physical ones, which involves getting pieces of pictures and papers that fit your goals, pasting them on a frame or a cardboard. However, you may be among those who would prefer a digital one that you can always carry around, saved on your phone so that you’re always on guard. If you are, then this post is for you.

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You can see how to create a physical one like Sisi Yemmie did HERE

Canva is a very popular design tool that has an array of templates to choose designs from. From designing social media graphics to blog headers to logos, just name it. So, to make a vision board with Canva, you’d need to:

Sign up to

You can either Sign up on your laptop by typing in your email address and your password or Sign in using Facebook. Either way, the goal is to get in. You can also download the mobile app. Though, the user experience on a laptop is way better.

Source for Pictures

You can either use the free pictures on Canva or you can source for pictures somewhere else, like Pinterest, Stock photos and so on. Get as many pictures as define your goals and save them.

Select the Presentation Template

Scroll down the templates on the right side of the screen and pick your desired template; maybe the Presentation template or the US letter template. It doesn’t really matter the one you choose because once you get to the design dashboard itself, you can always determine the size and number of grids you want the board to have.

Check Grid Option of Your Choice

After clicking on either the Presentation or US letter template, you are led automatically to a page where the design itself would be created. Click the ELEMENTS option on the left side of the page, a drop-down menu shows automatically. Click on Grids. Various grids would be shown to you and you can keep scrolling down till you find the one with the exact number of grids you want. For example, this vision board below has a 12-grid template. You can find others lesser or even more than 12.

Upload the Pictures into Canva

This step won’t be necessary if you are using free pictures on Canva. However, if you are not, you would have to upload all the pictures you saved in STEP 1 to Canva.

Start Moving the Pictures to your Desired Spot on the Grid

It is time to start moving the pictures you have downloaded on to the grid. You can do this by simply dragging the picture from the download corner (which is on the left side of the page), on to wherever spot or position you want it to be on the grid.

Click Download when You’re Satisfied

When you’re satisfied with the vision board, Click Download and get your file saved to your device. You can choose what format you want (PDF, JPEG, etc) and Voila! your vision board is ready!

There are also ready-made templates pre-designed on Canva. All you’d have to do is upload your pictures. That’s all.

I hope you found this helpful. Please try it out (Visualization is very important) and share with me on social media; Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE. I’d love to see your vision boards.

You can

only go as

far as you can see

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  1. Your vision board, even though digital, is quite neat, lol. I usually have to tilt head to look at most vision boards.

    I have been waiting for a push to build mine but I know I’ll get around to it before this month runs out. I love the idea of visualizing dreams and the excitement of watching myself get closer to fulfilling any.

    Idle head

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