Affordable Jewellery Gift for Him or Her (Valentine Edition 2018)

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and if you’re a planner (like I advise you to be) and you’re quite keen on the Valentine season, then you’re probably already thinking of what to gift the important people in your life, come February 14th. It’s getting quite hard to get thoughtful gifts, these days but what happens when someone has a simple and affordable, yet profound idea to ease your stress? The Hannah Ephraim Gift Collection is your best bet!

Hannah Ephraim Jewellery recently released their Gift collection, in the nick of time for Valentine’s. It comes in a classy black case, with the Hannah Ephraim logo imprinted in Gold. The box is wrapped with a glittering gold ribbon tied into a bow, to give it a luxurious effect.

Thoughtfully branded are their pink pouches for the female jewellery and blue pouches for the male.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…but what about the boys?

Whoever said men don’t wear jewellery? I’ll prove you wrong. According to a New York Times Study which you can read HERE, “There are no jewellery-specific studies but, according to Euromonitor, the global men’s wear market grew 4.5 percent last year, outpacing women’s at 3.7. And the research company predicts men’s wear sales will grow another $40 billion, to $480 billion, by 2019”. The men are getting more fashionable, don’t you think?

Every gift has a story. Hence, Hannah Ephraim Jewellery offers customized messages as you like them. Just tell them what you want to be written and it’s done!

For the Collection FOR HER- You can either get a combination of two items – the Heart Pendant Necklace and the Rivet Bangle in Gold or Silver or you can buy one of them. I have the Rivet Bangle in Silver and I haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it. It’s my go-to Jewellery item, any day, any time.

The Collection FOR HIM consists of the Anchor Pendant Necklace in Gold/Silver,  Mesh Bracelet in either Silver/ Gold or the Classic Bracelet- Silver.

All these at very affordable prices and a lasting impression!

You can order from the Hannah Ephraim Website or click any of the item names above. I’ve linked all the jewellery items to ease your shopping.

Searching for a unique Valentine Gift this Season? Check HERE! Click To Tweet

What’s your favourite Jewellery/accessory? Let me know below.

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.


Spreading Happiness one Brand at a Time,

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