7 Affordable Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day 2018

I thought to bring you ways you can spend Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. St. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and I know a lot of people are already making plans on how to spend it. Some are even done planning. I’m also aware that a lot of people are saving more and doing things on a budget this year so I hope this post is really helpful to you. Singles can also try these out too. Na single we single, we no kill person.

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Cosy Food/Movie/Dance Night

If you’re a romantic like me, you’d definitely pick a cosy movie date night over  overheated clubs any day, any time. So, you and your partner can set up a cosy ambience; put up scented candles, get your favourite bottle of wine and a really great movie. What’s a date night without food? Get some food and popcorn, roll up your blankets and pillows and cuddle your way through the movie. Cuddling is an affectionate gesture that helps to release endorphins into your bloodstream which is really good for you.

You can also dance together to your favourite songs. I have a playlist of love songs that you can dance to. Send me a message if you’d like me to link you up with it.

PS: If you know your Nigerian mother will be on your neck asking you where you are by 8 pm at night, just respect yourself and have your cosy time during the day, instead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you o.

Create a Treasure Hunt For Your Partner

You would have to be creative for you to pull this off but I think it’s worth it. You would create a treasure hunt kind of experience around your partner’s home (and if you’re married, your marital home). Drop or paste notes or pictures of worthy moments you cherish in your relationship. You can even include a cute little gift at each spot, then get him or her to win something really nice but inexpensive at the end of the hunt. To make it more creative, set up a Treasure door locked to reveal the ‘ultimate gift’. Trust me, your partner would find it difficult to get over it in a long while.

Take an Inexpensive Trip

Travelling or taking a road trip is always a good idea so you can take a trip to somewhere that won’t cost you so much money. You could try going to the beach or visiting places you haven’t visited before. Find out fun places that you can travel to. I have Calabar and Enugu on my mind as I have heard a lot of nice reviews about travelling there. A lot of people living in Lagos have been going to Tarkwa Bay recently so you can try that out.

Buy Simple but Thoughtful Gifts

Buying people gifts is not always about how much it costs. Sometimes, its the really little things that matter; their favourite music on iTunes, a novel from their favourite author (s), a framed picture of a lovely moment you both had, their favourite football club Jersey and so on. If your partner is a jewellery person (either male or female), you can click HERE to read my post on affordable jewellery gifts for valentine.

Go Gaming/Paintballing Together


Games are always a fun way to refresh and forget about the world’s worries for a moment. Not everytime, strong face, work and laptop. Sometimes, play games and laugh. If you live in Lagos, there are a lot of places in the city where you can go play games at affordable prices like paintballing HERE

Cook a Simple Meal with Love

If you have a partner whose love language is Acts of Service, this would really put a big smile on their face. Take this a bit higher by having a picnic somewhere cool and enjoy the company of each other and food. You don’t have to go overboard cooking a Mexican or Italian dish but you sure can cook something as simple as spaghetti but with a twist. You can check Sisi Yemmie’s YouTube channel for amazing and simple recipes to wow your partner. She always has videos like that.

Have Lunch at an Inexpensive but Lovely Restaurant

You can have a lunch date with your partner at an inexpensive but nice restaurant in town. If you use Google Search, you definitely would find such places around you. If the stress of finding one is too much, just go to Mama Basira and eat Amala biko. Nigerian men don’t even have time for wahala.

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How will you be spending Valentine’s this year? Let me know in the comment section.

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Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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