Affordable Home-Cooked Meals for Valentine 2018

It’s less than 48 hours to Valentine’s Day and the preparation for the celebration is brewing. Surprise packages are going down behind the scenes and those without bae are planning to buy tickets to see a movie so that singleness will not kill them lol. However, as a confirmed foodie that I am, I have partnered with a male friend, Feranmi, to bring you a 7-course menu, consisting of meals you can make at home for Valentine’s Day. That way, you can enjoy the day from the comfort of your home. Without further ado, in Frank Edoho’s voice, ‘The next voice you hear shall be Feranmi’s’.

What is love without food? I cannot really find a word to describe what that is but it definitely, is not love. I mean, how can we say we love each other if we cannot share memorable food moments? Maybe it is just me being a foodie, but to be honest I believe one of the best moments a couple can share together is with beautiful meals.

I am a big fan of good food and also a big fan of cooking with the partner. Hence, I am not one to suggest that the process of making such beautiful meals happen should be handled by the lady alone. You might be having a guess, yes I believe in gender equity. My belief in the philosophy is not founded on anger but in the realization of its power to make things better, but that is talk for another day.

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Valentine is around the corner and everyone is getting hyped up for the “big love day”. Hotels are getting booked, event tickets are getting purchased and so many other plans are being developed.

Inasmuch as I do not have an issue with all the beautiful plans many have set up, I tend to think there is a lot you can do within the confines of your house—not sex please (lol). When last did you take out time to create magic in the kitchen together?
As a young boy, I learnt something from my dad. Given the busy schedule, many of us have this day, as money must be made, we really don’t have time to hold qualitative conversations with our partners.

Interestingly, my dad showed me you could make up for this, through kitchen moments. Hence, my valentine challenge to you is that you start to cultivate this habit by trying out a menu, I would show you shortly, together as you bond better.

The menu is a seven-course menu with interesting items. I will be sharing the recipe of one of the meals.


I got the recipe HERE and it’s really easy. All you’d need to do is make sure to boil the potatoes for about two minutes. Start cooking the Peppersoup using the recipe in that link, then take out the potatoes. Fry them slightly with very little oil, allowing each side of the potatoes to fry for just about a minute. By now, the pepper soup should be half-way cooked, then add the potatoes and continue with the recipe shared above.

This is the rest of the menu:

  • ●  Puff filled with mild pepper jam skewered with soft beef kebabs

  • ●  Whiskey-Apple juice shots/Tart Apples/Mini milk drink

  • ●  Sweet potato pepper soup (soft small chunks of sweet potatoes and goat meat)

  • ●  Grilled fish served with grilled plantains and sauce*

  • ●  Lemon sorbet

  • ●  Braised rice on a bed of prawn sauce with grilled turkey

  • ●  Yogurt Parfait

    *You can sear the fish or turkey with peppers instead of grilling, and fry plantains in their whole form.

    You can also send an email to to get the recipes and shopping tips for the best spots to shop for raw items needed to make the meals.


    You know what makes this interesting? With a budget of N10,000 to N15,000 this menu can happen and you can have some extra to stock up for two days at least. I wish you an interesting Valentine’s Day. Remember, live every day and do everything with love.


    Ajetomobi Feranmi is a concept developer and an engagement strategist with a unique love for kitchen matters.

    Would you be trying any of these meals out? Would you like to get Feranmi’s recipes on the other meals? Don’t forget to drop a comment and send that mail.

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Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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