What is a Woman Created For? Pt2

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I’m just a girl

who speaks her mind

in a world

where women should not be

so outspoken

–Priyanka Chopra

Yes, Africa focused so much on the wrongs and taught us to do same. It is our choice to still be successful no matter what she said; buy that car if you can afford it, darling. The right man wouldn’t be scared of it.

“To truly love who you are,

you can not hate the experiences

that shaped you”

-Writer Unknown

On another note though, she taught us to be strong and resilient. She was as hardworking and strong as a rock. She multitasked like it was a superpower. She was such a perfectionist; nobody did anything that seemed perfect to her.

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She taught us to trust God and Him only. She taught us that to be successful we had to do just two things; trust God and work hard. She taught us that “no one owes you anything”. She taught us to “never rely on your father’s properties. Work for your own”. The mentality that a man died and people came around to read his will and share his properties? we only saw those in African Magic movies and never had it in mind to do same. We all had it at the back of our minds to work for ours.

To love who you are, you can not forget the experiences that shaped you. Read More Here Click To Tweet

Mama Africa wanted the best for us; the beatings, the talks, the WhatsApp BC’s. They were all to protect and give us the best. The pieces of advice were from a place of deep experience and pain. Her methods weren’t always the best but they were the only ones she knew.

She talked about men a lot because she was taught that it’s a man’s world. Her incessant talks about “man” were to prevent us from making mistakes she made. Not meeting man at all wasn’t an option but meet the good one and you being of substance when you meet him, was what she preached. She forgot that times have changed. Shall we start another note of gender wars? I opine not.

Mama Africa taught us that sometimes, you didn’t have to love to care or maybe she had loved and forgiven too much that she really didn’t care about the word, “love” anymore. Just care and leave the rest. Got me wondering if care and forgiveness weren’t a part of what love entails. She was probably loving and didn’t know lol.

Mama Africa faced a lot. Cried a lot too but thought we didn’t know. We saw it in her eyes. The pain of forgiving and forgiving again had sipped through the hems of her petticoat. She was tired of hoping after so many fails so she just focused on the most important to her; us.

Mama Africa isn’t perfect but she’s one thing we can’t ignore; great. Greater than we would ever imagine. Greater than we could ever speak of…and I hope we do not lose her before we know her value.

So, I ask again, what is a woman created for? My answer is this; to be the best at what she chooses to be, to birth (ideas, developments and life) at the places and time she deems it fit, to be strong and not be confined to the idea that only when she’s called a “Mrs” does she have value, to be given same opportunities and resources as are given to men.

Whether a “Miss” or a “Mrs”, a woman was created to be powerful. You were created to break all barriers. You are a queen and bomb ass jollof rice, don’t let anyone treat you like Ofada rice! Lol


…to all women all over the world and

Africa in particular,

I celebrate you.
Happy Women’s Month.

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

Sharing Happiness one Brand at a time,

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  1. You write really beautifully well. Your choice words and the way you craft them is really wonderful.

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