Product Review: Eya Naturals Shea Body & Hair Butter


I recently started using the Eya Naturals Shea Body and Hair Butter on my skin. Its been doing my skin so much good, that people couldn’t help but notice and ask what body cream I use. So, I decided to share and review this awesome product that has been giving my skin a very smooth finish.

How Did I Find out about this Product?

The Eya Naturals Shea Body and Hair Butter was a gift from a friend (kisses Modupe) but I will surely be restocking when it finishes. I’ve been using this for just about a month now and if I can notice changes, it is definitely great for you too.

Ingredients/First Impressions/Consistency

The butter came in this 250ml white container and according to the description, is said to be, ‘pure unrefined shea butter whipped with nutrient-rich coconut oil to aid in easy absorption into your hair and skin. Can be used from head to toe for your hair and skin’.

It promises to be void of Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and Gluten which makes it very safe for both hair and body. These above ingredients which are quite common in a lot of hair creams are replaced with more natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E oil, Lavender essential oil and fragrance.

 ‘Shea Butter moisturizes and reduces inflammation on the skin.

Vitamin E Oil helps to reduce wrinkle.

Coconut Oil is a fantastic moisturizer and is said to be absorbed into the hair really fast.

Lavender Oil heals wounds and burns’.

This Body & Hair Butter contains a blend of Shea butter, Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil and Lavender oil. No wonder it smells so gooood! Click To Tweet

No wonder it smells so good!

The product is made in Accra Ghana by Eya Naturals Limited and also has Manufacturing and Expiry dates written on it which guides you to know that you’re using a product that is still good. Judging by the dates, this particular tub has a shelf life of two years.

Eya Naturals Body& Hair butter has a normal shea butter consistency which melts right in the palm when you rub it in. However, under really hot conditions, direct sunlight like the afternoons we experience in Lagos these days, it melts into an oil. I noticed that this was written on the tub to caution the user, ‘This product is heat sensitive and may melt in very hot weather’.  Whenever this happens, I usually just keep it in the fridge for about 20 minutes to solidify a bit.


As Hair Cream

The butter is really moisturizing on the hair and you hardly need any other product after using this. If its a wash day, you can apply this after conditioner and styling product to seal in the moisture.

As Body Cream

This is what I use it mostly for and I haven’t regretted it. It leaves the skin smooth, glowing and the blend of essential oils and shea butter plus fragrance gives a very soft smell. I have been bathing more times in a day since I started using this, just so I can rub it on my skin and smell nice. Sometimes, I just open the tub to enjoy the scent of the butter. That is how amazing it smells.

I have normal to dry skin on my body, so sometimes, my skin gets dry but this cream makes sips into the skin and smoothens it out. I also used this on my face, a few weeks ago when I had some scarring around my nose and it healed to supple skin in about 3 days. It is not greasy and a little goes a really long way.


The fact that you can use one product for both hair and body is a winner as it saves you some coins, that you would have spent if you had to buy one product for each purpose.

The fact that you can use one product for both hair and body is a winner. Read more reasons why I love this Shea Body & Hair Butter from @eyanaturals Click To Tweet


Aside from the fact that it turns liquid under hot conditions (which is normal, seeing that it has shea butter as a major ingredient), I really love the product. However, if you react to shea butter, coconut oil or any other of the ingredients as I listed above, I’d advise you do not purchase this, as it might not work for you.

Pricing & Where to Order

Like I said above, this tub was a gift but it retails for 16 Ghana Cedis on the Eya Naturals website. You can click HERE  to order from the site or check their Instagram page HERE. They have retailers in Nigeria as well, their phone numbers and locations are on the Instagram page.

If you are in Lagos, you can just call this number to order

0810 323 0318- Toyin

Final Verdict

I think it is worth every penny and I would be ordering when this tub is exhausted. They also have products for the hair such as shampoo, deep conditioner and so on.

Watch my short montage, showing how I apply the product on my skin HERE and don’t forget to follow me and socialize with me on Twitter and Instagram. I am tosinolaniyi_ on both platforms.

Have you used any product from Eya Naturals before? What’s your favourite body cream/moisturizer? Let me know in the comments’ section below.

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