3 Tips for choosing the perfect Little black dress 


Lately, most of the people I’ve been following on social media have been attending one movie night, girls’ night out, date night or the other. A lot of them have even inspired me in terms of fashion. Because most of these events are done at night, a lot of them, mostly ladies, opt for the classic Little Black Dress (LBD). So, I thought to put together, in partnership with Rosegal, some tips for choosing the perfect little black dress for events. 

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If you watched my first YouTube video, you would have heard me say that I believe comfort should be a sense of style. It would be very sad of you to wear a little Black Dress, just because it’s in vogue, only for you to start asking people around for the nearest restroom so you can adjust your outfit. I’ve heard of people in such scenarios.

I particularly remember the situation of Tiwa in Skinny Girl in Transit, who put on a tummy girdle to make her stomach appear flat, only for her to collapse. You want to be free and comfortable as much as possible. This easy breezy Lace High Low Swing Evening Party Dress would be perfect for a date night or movie premiere.

I really love this dress, you can shop now on the Rosegal website. They even have discounts going on right now.


Body Shape & Problem Areas 

Everybody has different body shapes and sizes. It would be totally unwise to wear a bodycon dress if you have a mass of flesh that you’d prefer to conceal. On the other hand, it would look stressful to the eyes to see a lady with not too much success in the bust area, wearing a dress with a plunging neckline. For example, skinny ladies are advised to add peplum outfits to their wardrobe because it makes you appear fuller than you actually are. 

 However, there are some dresses that fit almost every body shape, whether skinny or plus size. A great sample of such little Black Dress is this Sleeveless Sequined Chiffon Dress which you can shop for Here.

It’s pretty, hides your stomach if that’s your problem area, helps you appear a bit fuller if you’re skinny and if gotten in the right size, makes the bust look really good. Plus, it’s in a lovely sequinned material. Go ahead and steal the show, girl!


Some people are quite extroverted plus social and love to show that with their outfits while others are introverted and would prefer to shy away from too much exposure to people or their bodies. If you’re the type that is extroverted and lives to show a bit of skin, then this little Black Dress would be perfect for you. 


If you’re not the type to show skin, then you can opt for this Shining Top with Fitted Dress.

You can View more of this on the Rosegal website.


If you don’t know how to pick the perfect black dress, just DITCH the idea and wear another colour instead. Nothing bad in rocking Nude or Red, if you cannot rock Black. No time for stress biko.

I hope you learnt a thing or two from this post.

Do you love Little Black Dresses? Are you the type who totally hates the colour, black? Where do you shop for them? Let me know in the comments section.

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

Sharing Happiness one Brand at a time,

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