How to Wear Your Gym Outfits to a Party

Knowing how to make the best use of anything you have is a major maintenance key. Just like you switch up a straight weave by curling it, you should know how to re-style your outfits to suit various event-purposes and still slay. In this post, I’ll be sharing quick tips on how you can switch up typical gym outfits to attend a party.

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Normally, most people opt for a pair of joggers, top or sports bra and a pair of sneakers. This is usually with little to no makeup done, hair packed up and little to no jewellery at all. It is always advisable to opt for simple jogger styles made from comfortable material. No one wants to itch in their gym outfits though. This white pair of joggers below is one on my wish list and you can shop now, for it.


For the top, you can go for a simple vest like the one below which we will be adding a twist to.

I would advise that you tuck this vest in. Here is the twist…

This one is from Aliexpress

A leather jacket/blazer. This takes the look from a 0-100, a Nada to Prada, a layer to a slayer (okay, that last one seemed whack lol). Opting for a colour such as red adds some vibrancy to the look.

Since we are talking about styling your gym outfit to a party/event, you can either ditch your sneakers and opt for a simple pair of heels like the one in the picture above, or go for something a little bit more dramatic like…



This pair of shoes has red frills which rhyme with the colour of the blazer.

You can finish off the look with a pair of statement earrings such as this one from Kendra Scott

Of course, you can wear any colours you like. Understanding how to blend the colours and still look like you slay effortlessly is the goal.

Don’t forget to wear clean and properly-sized panties under those joggers so your bum doesn’t come off looking funny. To get some nice one, Click Here → Buy Now


Are you a guru at re-styling outfits? Do you think outfits should be worn solely for the purpose they were created for? Let me know in the comments section.


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