My 2018 Trendy Handbag Wishlist

I’m usually not big on handbags. Most of the time, you’d see me with a tote bag where I just throw in all I need to carry about and that’s about it. However, I’ve been seeing some really awesome handbags trending on Instagram lately and they’ve been making my eyes dilate with want. Here are a few of the handbags on that wishlist…

While surfing the net for trendy and affordable handbags, I came across some on the Rosegal website.

The first one is this Grid shoulder bag.

It’s very portable and that’s what I love about it. I don’t like to feel like I’m carrying a log of wood in my hands so comfort is key and that is what this bag spells to me. I also like the print design of the bag. Besides, small bags like this have suddenly hit the fashion airwaves, these days. It’s only logical that I long for one.

This particular one isn’t exceptionally cheap but I feel like it’s classy and worth the price.

Do you like this too? Go ahead and buy now.

The second one is…

The Bohemia Tassel Decor Bucket Bag

I think this bucket bag is very unique. I particularly love the tassels and I doubt you won’t get noticed when you carry a bag as different as this. This alone is a full outfit if you ask me.

It looks like a lot of effort was put into making it and it’s all so worth it. The detailing to me is exceptional! I also saw on the website, that this was available in different colours. You can check there for more.

…And to the mama on my list

If you are on Instagram and you haven’t noticed this bag, who are you following, please? This bag has been trending for a while now and it’s beginning to look like anyone who doesn’t have it, hasn’t joined the Cool Kids Club yet.

I was really looking forward to seeing this on the Rosegal handbags section of the website and I’m glad I found it.

It’s being worn by fashion influencers, enthusiasts and so on. I still wonder what makes it exceptional though! Maybe its the raffia it’s made of, or could it be the fact that it’s so simple and lovely to look at, all at the same time? Oh maybe everyone is all over it because it gives a casual and beach-like feel to your look.

Whatever reason you come up with, I think it’s totally worth it.


Which of these bags is your favourite? Are you keen on handbags or not? Let’s have some fashion chat in the comments section.


Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

Sharing Happiness one Brand at a time,

***This post is sponsored by Rosegal



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