First Impressions/Review of NaturaGlowbyAbbyJo (Nigerian Organic Skincare Brand)

Organic skincare products are gradually finding their way to the screens, eyes and shelves of skincare enthusiasts. They are the new craze in the Nigerian skincare sphere and people are gravitating towards them because they are said to be made by natural products, void of harmful/synthetic chemicals. So you can imagine my excitement when TheBloggersAdvocate reached out to me to be a part of their Insta-story campaign, in collaboration with brands and I was to work with an organic skincare brand. TheBloggersAdvocate is a Nigerian agency that bridges the gap between bloggers and brands, grooms bloggers and promotes the blogging culture as a growth tool for economic development.

I received the Facial Kit from NaturaGlowbyAbbyJo which consists of ;

  1. The Facial Cleanser
  2. The Facial Scrub and
  3. The Facial Toner

The Facial Cleanser

Most of the time, facial washes or cleansers are drying on the skin. However, this one isn’t. It cleanses really well and leaves the skin smooth and moisturized. Cleansing the face thoroughly is important in reducing acne.

As written on the label at the back of the green tub, it contains Cocoa Pod Ash, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, herbal extracts, fruit enzymes, rose hydrosol, vegetable glycerin and activated charcoal.

Black in colour, its consistency is quite smooth and I could see fine particles of activated charcoal in it. It promises to be nurturing, softening, nourishing and protecting. It doesn’t lather as much as normal soap would but it does the job pretty well. You get 100ml of product in this tub.

The Facial Scrub

This is my favourite of all the three products.

It comes in a 100ml round container and contains brown sugar, sweet almond oil, herbal extracts, activated charcoal, vitamin E, salicylic acid and fractionated neem extract.

The label on it suggests that it should be applied on wet face in circular motion. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse off.

Its brown in colour but in a green container, with an iron cover. The ingredients, size, directions for use are all stated on a label on the cover. It feels like sugar immersed in oil. It also smells like brown sugar which is one of its major ingredients. Scrubs are meant to remove dead cells and flakes on the skin to enable the acne products you use thereafter to penetrate properly.  This particular scrub leaves the face really smooth and moisturized and that’s why it’s my favourite of all three. I use this between 3-4 times a week, and then follow up with the toner.

Scrubs are meant to remove dead cells from the skin which enable other products to penetrate properly. Click To Tweet

The Facial Toner


The toner comes in a green bottle and contains 100ml of product.

Ingredients include: Rose hydrosol, V. Glycerin, distilled water, herbal extracts, rose quartz infused water.

It looks exactly like water but has a soft rosy scent to it. I pour some of the toner on a cotton wool/ball to and apply all over the face. Toners help to balance your pH level (the skin is best at a certain acidic: alkaline level. The toner restores your skin to that level), detoxify (remove dirt and toxins), tighten the skin and reduce acne.

After using this kit, you can just follow up with a daily moisturizer and an oil to seal in the moisture.

The whole kit costs just N7,000 only. You can just send a DM HERE to order for yours


I will be taking over TheBloggersAdvocate (TBA) Insta stories on the 4th of August, 2018. Please follow Here and Here so you get updates as the day gets closer.

Thank you so much to TBA and NaturaGlowbyAbbyJo for sending me this kit.

Do you prefer the good ol’ chemical skincare products or you’re the new natural organic lover? Let me know in the comments section.


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Therefore we do not lose heart.

Though outwardly we are wasting away,

yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

(2 Corinthians 4:16)

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Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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