How to Get the Best Spa Coupon Deals in Lagos

In this post, I will be sharing with you how I learnt to get the best spa coupon deals in Lagos.

A few months ago (August), I wanted an intimate self-care moment just to pamper myself for my birthday. Usually, I’d just go to the movies, buy a cake and enjoy my life lol but this time, I wanted something different so I decided to go to the spa.

All the spas I saw in Lagos were within the range of N25,000 to N50,000 (between 83 CAD to 160 CAD). I could not afford those at the moment so I was almost bailing on the idea until I saw a lady put up on Twitter, that she had spa coupons in Lagos for sale. I sent her a DM and we got talking. I was scared it could be a scam so I waited till the next day to give her a response because I wanted to research and be sure it was legit.

She messaged me the next day to inform me the coupon had been bought by someone else. I was shocked and thought to myself, ‘if this lady can have access to these deals and it is so sought after that someone had paid for it already, there must be a way to get the deals myself’.

So, after much research, I found the goldmine – DealDey Website

Dealdey is a website that hosts a lot of services for discounted prices; ranging from spa deals to food, hotel, even to travel discounts.

All you have to do is, go to the website, click on the ALL icon. A drop-down menu will surface and you can scroll through it to pick the service you want a coupon or deal on. In my case, it was the Spa & Beauty option.



After clicking on the service (e.g. Spa and Beauty), you would find a lot of organizations (i.e. different spas, hotels, restaurants, etc) offering discounts that you can choose from. I chose to get the one from Nail & Beauty Affairs Spa, Ikeja.

The whole session originally cost N25,000 but I got it for N5,000!

Check out my coupon below:



Below are all the services I got for such an amazing discount.



I really enjoyed the session and my favourite part of the session was the facial treatment. I could hardly walk after the session as I was really sleepy and felt like I was floating in pleasure air. I’m judging all my friends that go for spa sessions and never told me how such a bliss the experience is! I’m definitely saving up for spa sessions from now on.

I hope this post helps.


Ever tried a spa session? How did you feel after your first spa session? Do you have other places where you get discount codes? Please share them with me.

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