When it comes to having great skincare, maintaining a consistent skincare routine is very important. You have probably heard it a lot of times, that consistency is key when it comes to skincare. It’s not a farce. Consistency is really key. I’ve been getting messages from people saying they know little to nothing about having a skincare routine. So here you go;

PS: This is a quick 5 step Morning routine


You should cleanse your face with a cleanser/face wash that isn’t drying and is gentle on your skin. Please stay way from bar soaps (including black soaps for the face. It does a disservice to your face, in the long run).  Make sure to wash in a circular motion for 1 complete minute so that the product can really cleanse and work its way into your skin. Do ensure you’re using products tailored to your skin type.


You can use either a scrub or an AHA/BHA. I recommend a mild scrub for beginners tho (a lot of scrubs are abrasive and not good for the skin, so be careful). Chemical exfoliation is the best but if you are just starting out with skincare, you can stick to a mild scrub. EMPHASIS ON MILD!!!

Sugar scrubs should not go anywhere near your face as they are too abrasive and may damage your skin in the long run.


Toning helps to balance/return your skin to the original pH level. It tones, calms and refreshes/replenishes/rehydrates your skin. It also serves as an extra cleaning step. You can also try an exfoliating toner which exfoliates and tones your skin at the same time.


Moisturizing is really important for your skin as it keeps it from drying and leaves your skin, smooth and supple. You do not want to be going about looking ashy, dry and crusty.


I CANNOT emphasize the importance of sunscreen enough! It protects your skin from the sun to allow all others used prior to it, work well. Protecting your skin is VERY important.

Don’t forget to use lip balm as well.

This is for people who are pretty new to skincare routines or just want a routine as simple as possible.

Please remember to find out your skin type before buying products for your skin. What’s your favourite step in your skincare routine? Here’s a video that shows you how you can follow this simple routine. Plus, I have a list of products that you can use if you have normal skin and how to apply these products, in the video below 👇🏾

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