Dear Women #internationalwomen’s day 2019



I know so many people would have written so many amazing, weird, and possibly annoying things about what makes or not makes a woman…(Year on year.Lol)

I made up my mind to write for a set of women.

I call them #TeamLeah. I mean, irrespective of your religious affiliations, I can assure you, you would love this.

Okay, for those who don’t know her, she is a Bible Character-The first wife of Jacob, the descendant of Abraham.

Leah was married off to a man who never loved nor wanted her, had eyes for her sister and never rated her.

She kept having kids for this man with the hope of finding love. His eyes were on her sister and he never hid it. It was so bad that she had bribe at some point to be with the man who married her. Her life was a struggle to prove that she deserved a better or fairer treatment.

Her only offence was being woman caught in the web of culture and traditions that didn’t put her happiness into consideration.

Leah is a representation of a set of women.

They are caught in the web of love at the wrong places, tradition and politics that do not protect their interests, they work hard to prove they deserve fairer treatment, but still get the second place, they try so hard to please people whose minds are already made.

If you belong to this set of women, I have good news. Leah made it to the promised Land, Leah’s womb bore Judah, (the ancestor of Kings and Levi, the ancestor of Law givers)- even Jesus came from her lineage.

Leah made it to the promise Land.

I just want you to know that no matter what life and circumstances toss at you, like Leah, you will get to your promise Land, your seed will do great things, you will find rest for your soul.

In all of this, I need you to know that you don’t need to be overly beautiful to be a woman. You don’t need to extremely smart to be a woman, you don’t need to ‘suffer’ to be celebrated as a woman neither do you need to always bury your head in the bid to appear humble.

All you need to be a woman, is DO YOU.

Do you, the world will adjust.

#Happy IWD


All you need to be a woman, is DO YOU. Do you, the world will adjust. Click To Tweet
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