5 Tips to Change your Skincare Game

As I mentioned in the post Here, having a skincare routine and being consistent with it, is really important if you want to have great skin. However, in addition to having a skincare routine and sticking to it, there are certain habits or practices that can transform your skin. Here are 5 tips to change your skincare game

  1. Ditch bar soaps and use Facial cleansers instead

Soaps dry out and mess up with the pH of your skin. After washing/cleansing, the face should not feel squeakly clean or tight. That is a sign that the natural oils of the skin are being stripped off. Hence, cleansers made for the face, specifically for your skin type should be used.

  1. Introduce More sheet masks/sleeping masks

Sleeping masks were made popular by the Korean Skincare routine. Koreans are known for incorporating various ways of adding moisture to the skin. Using sheet masks are a great additional step to adding more moisture to your face. Make sure to always follow up with a moisturizer.

Bonus Tip – Pop the sheet mask in the fridge for some minutes before applying. You feel more relaxed.


  1. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important as it protects your skin from UV rays from the sun. UV rays are very harmful to the skin and could worsen cases of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles or lead to skin cancer in the long run. Don’t forget to join the sunscreen challenge on Instagram #sunscreengoalsaf


Below is a video that shows you how to apply sunscreen properly.

TIP – Here are 10 places to buy sunscreen in Lagos

  1. Clean your phone screen often.

A lot of bacteria and dirt sits pretty on the surface on your phone. It’s important to clean your phone screen from time to time to prevent the bacteria and dirt from spreading all over your face.


  1. Drink water

Water is great for your overall health and that includes your skin. It is very important to drink water as much as possible to flush out toxins and get glowy skin.

I will be updating this post with 5 tips to help you drink more water.


Great skin comes with a combination of good habits, the right products and consistency. Always  have fun while at and don’t forget to wash your freakin’ face!

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Here’s a video showing some of these practices. Enjoy!


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