I grew up watching 15- to 30-second spot commercials on Television with my dad.

My dream was to make one of those commercials I grew up watching. My mum said I scribbled words and pictures on every piece of paper I could lay my hands on. I went ahead to study Communications and I started to write, hoping I could write a book first. Publishing a book seemed like such a huge dream but there was an easier way to publish; starting a blog. One post became ten and ten, a hundred. I was spending a whole LOT of my day on social media, sharing my posts and reading from others, it was only natural that I pursued a career in social media.

I started working as a Social Media Community Manager/Content Creator for brands.

Sooner, I conceived the idea to merge my love for commercials, managing social media pages and my love for writing. This light bulb moment led me to become an Influencer.

As my career as an influencer evolved, I realized that I was not only passionate about talking about brands,

but about the platforms these brands dominated in the digital environment and how other influencers could work with these brands, hassle-free. This took me on the journey to study Advertising. I got an opportunity to head Social and Influencer Marketing at Infusion Media NG and there I learnt the ropes of the business aspect of Influencer Marketing. It dawned on me that there weren’t as many resources to help other influencers on their influencer journey, so I decided to share all I was learning while studying Advertising and THE ADS ADDICT was born.


Sooner, videos became HOT content.

Every brand wanted to hop on them. This was the perfect opportunity to close the loop in the love for commercials I grew up watching as a child. The desire to be excellent at delivering quality video content led me to study Film and Television. Being on both sides of the spectrum as an Influencer and as an Influencer Campaign Manager, I understand the business problems faced by both parties.


In the previous year, I worked at Mindshare supporting the Content Plus team to leverage Social media, Content and Influencer Marketing strategies to boost brand campaigns.

This experience gave me a Canadian – specific perspective on the Public Relations and Influencer Marketing landscape and further affirms that I’m on the right path.


Presently, I am seeking a full-time opportunity with room for growth, where all the skills I have mastered over the years can be utilized.




Ready for the Fun Parts?


My dad and I share the same birth date

Yup! August 6th remains a day of double honour because I was born on my dad’s birthday. I assume I should be a daddy’s girl but funny enough, I’m Nigerian. There are no favourite children.



I love to eat but don’t enjoy cooking

Food is my happy place. I’m the kind of girl that dances just at the mere sight of food. A well-made meal could get you a ticket into my heart. Safe to say, I’m a foodie!





I watch movies… A LOT! and I love AfroBeats 

My love for movies was one of the many influencing factors that prompted me to study Film. Since I left film school, I have probably become one of the most annoying people to watch a movie with, because now, I know all the tricks the filmmakers use to wow you. Sorry, not sorry haha.

Oh! and I love music too. AfroBeats rule the world. I said what I said!





I’m a YouTuber but you probably know that already…

I have a YouTube channel where I share a mix of skincare tips, migration experiences and other things I enjoy


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