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5 Tips to Change your Skincare Game

As I mentioned in the post Here, having a skincare routine and being consistent with it, is really important if you want to have great skin. However, in addition to having a skincare routine and sticking to it, there are certain habits or practices that can transform your skin. Here are 5 tips to change…

By Moyosoreoluwa March 31, 2019 0

Where to Buy Sunscreen in Lagos

‘Black people don’t need sunscreen’ ‘There’s no sun where I live so I don’t need sunscreen’ ‘All the days I’ve been entering sun like that nko?’   These are a few responses I get when I ask people why they don’t wear sunscreen. Some people have even gone ahead to argue on social media saying black…

By Moyosoreoluwa January 29, 2019 0

First Impressions/Review of NaturaGlowbyAbbyJo (Nigerian Organic Skincare Brand)

Organic skincare products are gradually finding their way to the screens, eyes and shelves of skincare enthusiasts. They are the new craze in the Nigerian skincare sphere and people are gravitating towards them because they are said to be made by natural products, void of harmful/synthetic chemicals. So you can imagine my excitement when TheBloggersAdvocate…

By Moyosoreoluwa July 25, 2018 1