First Impressions/Review of NaturaGlowbyAbbyJo (Nigerian Organic Skincare Brand)

Organic skincare products are gradually finding their way to the screens, eyes and shelves of skincare enthusiasts. They are the new craze in the Nigerian skincare sphere and people are gravitating towards them because they are said to be made by natural products, void of harmful/synthetic chemicals. So you can imagine my excitement when TheBloggersAdvocate […]

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Body Shaming from a Skinny Girl’s Perspective

When the phrase/word, ‘Body Shaming’, comes to mind, it is usually assumed that the victims are people on the larger end of the scale, otherwise known as ‘fat-shaming’. “Body shaming” is the act of humiliating someone for their size. For years, there has been word put out there to stand that fat-shaming is wrong. Like the […]

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