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10 Top Tips for Flying with Kids

It’s time for another school term. You might be among the many parents who travelled for the Christmas holidays with their children and are finding their way back home, to begin this school term. Flying with children could get a bit overbearing especially if you have very active children. So, here are 10 tips that…

By Moyosoreoluwa January 9, 2018 0

Travel: A Trip to Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ikogosi Warm Spring remains one of the top tourist centres in Ado Ekiti. A lot of people found it weird that I had been in Ekiti State for almost 10 months and hadn’t visited any recreational/historical centre (especially Ikogosi Warm Spring), aside one mountain in Iworoko. Welcome back to the blog today, my darling. *************************************************************************************************************************…

By Moyosoreoluwa October 12, 2017 6