Hello handsome, beautiful artefact of the Most High. Hope your day has been great so far? Of course, you already know you’re on Tosin Olaniyi’s blog. However, today, Tosin took a short nap so I decided to pop in and share a little something with y’all. I’m Tosin’s alter ego and my name is Temah. I’m British, by the way, if you don’t know, but I have something Miss Dorcas Shola Fapson calls a Multiple Accent Disorder (MAD) . Lol.

You see, I am a Christian and I do stand on the Christian standards or principles of grace and love. I believe the world would be a better place if we shared some genuine love amongst each other. Love never hurts nobody. Instead, it births grace, peace, humility, consideration for others, humility and all that good stuff that keeps the mind at rest.

As at 12:00am on the 12th of June, 2016, Orlando had no clue what was to befall her. Regardless, she bid everyone good morning expecting the day to go on as normal. Nevertheless, the devil had something else planned; the harvest of hate which led to the killing of innocent children at a nightclub at Orange Avenue, Orlando. Life got snuffed out of people’s children. Mothers left in tears and disarray…Darkness infused with dusky air shrouded Orange Avenue…

As disheartening as this might be, it is funny that some people; Christians inclusive, think that the victims deserved the fate thrown at them because most of the victims were gay. Really? Seriously? I can’t seem to wrap my head around such a belief. What happened to the love Jesus taught us to share and uphold at all times? What happened to being your brother’s keeper? Abi you want to deny your fellow humans like Cain did?

An individual’s sexuality choice, religious choice or academic choice is no criteria for the volume of love to spread to him or her. Love should be unconditional despite the choices such individual has made. It is okay for you not to agree to certain choices they’ve made in their lives but hating them is not a solution. So, the solution to cure homosexuality is killing the partakers??? Ori bibe ko l’ogun ori fifo mehn! (cutting off a head isn’t the solution to its headache). Lead and love by example. How do we want unbelievers to have a change of heart and come to Christ when we have no love in us?

You have a gay friend? Pray for them.

Did I hear you say, ‘ why would I be friends with a gay person?’ lol

It is acceptable not to be so close to them if you don’t want to but don’t snub them. Say ‘hi, how are you?’ At least! Keep praying for them.  Don’t think you can change them, you’re not the Holy spirit. Do your job and leave God to do his.

I hope I’ve been able to strike a chord in the string of your mind. Kindly leave a comment below. Let me run before Tosin wakes up…

Till next time,

Always reflect God’s Perfection.

Jesus loves you.




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