Life Lately: The Doctor found an Amoeba in my stomach ??

“…I wait for You, Lord,

My whole being waits,

and in Your Word,

I put my hope”  (Psalm 130: 5)

Currently listening to “Helpless’ by Tatiana Manaois.

Hold on…

*Borrows wiper and soapy water from those guys that clean windscreens in Lagos traffic…whish, whoosh, which*

Ahan! That’s more like it!


Hey dear,

It’s been about two whole months since I came here last, which is the longest I’ve ever been from the blog. The last time I was here was in June, the one year anniversary of the blog. I was and is such a delight, working with all those brands. Thank you guys for sticking with me, calling to check up on me, praying, dropping messages, and so on.

Two months is a long time in the blogosphere but I needed some time to focus; on life, my career, my relationships, my health, my faith et al. So much has happened in those two months, including trying to write but no zeal to, finally writing but no network, laptop bailing out on me a number of times…sigh

Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?


I was sitting quietly (jejeli) in my cubicle, which is supposed to be my office at the school where I teach for NYSC. I think I was even munching some plantain chips and trying to catch up on Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ of the previous night, when I received a message to send my resume somewhere. I did, got called that same day and that was it, I got the job. It’s not exactly a job in my comfort zone but it challenges me and keeps me on my toes, so I love it!

August 6th was my birthday and that of my sugar daddy…
lol, my sugar daddy is my biological father and we are so grateful for all the birthday calls, messages, gifts and letters. My mentions were so popping, especially on Twitter as they left me so speechless. Thanks guys, y’all are amazing.

YES! You read that right! Please read till the end.

July/August weren’t/aren’t the easiest months in terms of my health. I battled with severe Dysmenorrhea (medical term for menstrual pain). I could hardly lift a pin, not even to eat. It led to ulcer and the doctor had to ask if I had an ulcer case prior to this time. Along the line, we discovered that in a bid to get relief from Dysmenorrhea, I took ‘Felvin’ which was too ‘harsh’ on my stomach, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t eating.

So, I was placed on some medication and instructions. I spent about a week, picking what I could and could not eat; no spicy food was the painful part. You know those meals that are a bit spicy and delight your taste buds? I couldn’t have them. The times I tried, I felt pepper in my stomach and had to stop.

My mother (bless mothers, they’re so awesome) felt I still needed a kind of check up. Going back to the doctor, he suggested that I do a stool test which requires a sample of your poo taken for testing in the laboratory. The stool test revealed that I had Entamoeba Histolyca parasite inside of me!
*insert Yoruba mother behaviour, ehen, nibo? lol*
I just kept laughing through the session with the doctor. The only times I had heard about an amoeba were first, in Biology classes and second, when people threw shades, saying someone was ‘shapeless’ like an amoeba.

Apparently, the Amoeba had been engulfing my peptic domain…don’t mind me. It had been ‘eating’ all my food.

All the food I was supposedly eating, taken by an Amoeba? Sighs…

Long story short, I got medication to expel the Amoeba, just recovering from a tongue ‘bitter’ from too much drugs and a body tired of going in and out of the hospital.

Currently, I do not have a phone of my own. My phone screen broke a few days ago while trying to make my way through the bridge at Ojota. I almost fell and in a bid to save my fragile bones from breaking on the bridge, my phone fell instead. A kind Danfo conductor saw it and picked it up for me. I didn’t know there were such kind Danfo conductors o! Do you think he probably reads my blog? hahahahaha

  • Never try to help God do His job. Mind your small business.
  • Be careful not to get so intoxicated with the Creation that you forget the Creator.
  • Pray. Believe. Be at Peace.

All in all, I’m happy, grateful for life, a family that cares, love and blessings. I receive uncommon help I know it can only be God’s favour. I’m officially back to blogging…hopefully and I’d love to read your comments. They’re like Chicken Shawarma with French Fries to me.

Thank you so much for reading. I love you.

A smile of gratitude

Till my next post,
Always reflect God’s Perfection xx.

7 thoughts on “Life Lately: The Doctor found an Amoeba in my stomach ??”

  1. Yeah, this is true… I have been to the hospital in the past months than I have been anywhere else. It is one thing after the other and right now, it is blood in my mucus and spit. When I first saw it, I was so scared, I could not even move from the bathroom. Taking major leaf from your lessons and I trust God completely for restored health.. Glad you’re back on your feet

    1. Awwww I wish you a very quick recovery, Alice. Stay strong…and thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Stay fab!

  2. Mo!!! Your posts brings Smiles to my face. Everything we all go through in life is a test of time which will sure pass. May God perfect all that concerns Us. Much love

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