Product Review: Cocoshe’s Milk & Honey Black Soap

This is a full review of the Milk and Honey Black Soap from Cocoshe (@allfromcocoshe). I’ve had this jar of soap since November and I did a quick First Impressions about it on my Instagram page. A couple of people have asked me for a full review so here it is.

How Did I Find Out About This Product?

I was on a random Twitter search for Nigerian brands, some months ago and I came across Cocoshe’s account. The brand colours were my first attraction as they are same with the colours I’ve been trying to build a brand around, myself; Purple and Yellow. I also loved the packaging in the pictures and the ingredients that went into the products. I also saw a few feedback tweets from customers who said it worked for clearing their black spots, so I decided to give it a try.

Ordering and Delivery Process

I ordered via Twitter DM and the lady behind the brand was really pleasant. I also paid for delivery to Lagos but the jar got broken in transit so I got it delivered to me in Ado-Ekiti (where I was serving, last year), at no extra cost. However, I had to go to the motor park to collect it. It was wrapped in a brown carton to prevent it from breaking again.



The sticker on the soap states that it is made with Goat’s Milk, Manuka Honey and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).

AHA is an acid that is said to be used in the lightening of dark spots and reduces the appearance of blackheads and acne.

Manuka Honey reduces redness and eczema. It is also said to oxygenate the pores to draw out bacteria, drastically improving acne-prone areas.

Goat Milk is also said to contain AHA and is loaded with several vitamins that are good for the skin.

First Impressions

The soap came in a very thick plastic jar, sealed with a thin nylon and a silver iron cover. I loved the jar and felt it was really cute. A contact phone number and Instagram handle were written on the sticker of the bottle.

I also loved the smell of the soap as it had a mix of milk and honey, just like the name states. The soap was sticky like most black soaps and I had to use a plastic spoon to scoop out the soap to use. It lathered quite well but not as much as the good ol’ Dudu Osun. However, it wasn’t as drying as Dudu Osun. (Dudu Osun dries out your skin and you might need to moisturize after using it). My skin felt refreshed but I decide to incorporate it into a regime to see how well it would work.

I Used it as a Shampoo

Just to see how much more this soap could do, I added it to my hair wash day routine as my shampoo. It really washed my hair clean but because it isn’t liquid, I had a hard time using it on my hair. At first, I had to scoop it and rub on the scalp. Later on, I mixed it with water and poured into a spray bottle to ease the process.

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Did my Skin Improve After Using This?

When I added it to my facial skin care regimen, I noticed a huge difference. My spots were clearing out and my skin was literally smiling. However, after a while, I stopped noticing any improvement. I don’t know why yet but I’ll update this post when I find out. Do you think my skin got used to the soap and stopped responding? (LOL is that even a thing) or maybe I’ve just been stressed lately.

I have been using it to take my bath as well and I still feel the same as when I started using it; refreshed.

Would I Buy This Again?

Sure! Though, I’m looking to try other black soap brands to compare and would stick to whichever one works best for me, when I’m done trying.

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Observation/Recommendations (Pros & Cons)

This is a good product and is also a good size for the amount you pay for it. It smells amazing and I love that because I’d definitely know when someone uses my soap without permission lol. I also love the packaging and brand colours.

However, I think a spatula should be included in the package to make it easier for users to scoop and use. I also think Cocoshe should consider making liquid soap so that those who would like to use this on their hair can find it easy and not have to mix with water like I did. Considering the fact that it doesn’t lather as much as the good ol’ black soap, you might have to remix and remix before you get a good consistency to use for washing the hair.

Pricing and Where to Order

Cocoshe changed their packaging at the beginning of this year so the jar is bigger than when I bought it. It now retails for N4000/350g and you can order from their Instagram page HERE.

They also have a ton of other products like Body Butter, Facial and Hair Oils and so on.

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All in all, it’s worth it and I think you should try it too. Thanks for reading and you can catch me on @tosinolaniyi_ on all social media platforms when you’re missing me on the blog.


HAve you tried this product? What other black soap brands have you tried? What’s your skincare regimen? Please share with me in the comments section. I’d love to learn from you


Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Cocoshe’s Milk & Honey Black Soap”

  1. Hey Tosin, I have been eyeing Cocoshe since I saw @bookiekunlere tweet about the brand. Looks really good and since I love Black soap I’ll love to try theirs out. Your review has helped me make up my mind to buy the soap once I’m done with the black soap I’m currently using. I currently use Sage & Skin Black soap and I love it. You can find them on instagram @sageskin.

  2. This is a very detailed review, Tosin. Thanks for sharing I’m thinking of trying out black soap from Arami Essentials

  3. I have had my eyes on the Cocoshe brand since my friend told me about it, most especially the black soap and toner (I think it’s called dawn or so.). Really can’t wait to get awoof money so I can get my hands on them. This review is awesome and well detailed. Dudu Osu did more harm than good to my face, so i stopped using it for my face bust still use it for my hair.

    1. Biko when you get awoof money, send me some too o. Dudu Osun actually works for some people, but not everybody. Thanks for reading, my love xoxo

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