Product Review: WaistBeads from IlekebyMunoyedi

This is a full review of a pair of waistbeads (also known as ILEKE- IDI) from IlekeByMunoyedi. IlekebyMunoyedi is a Nigerian jewellery brand that makes waistbeads, anklets, bangles, neckpieces, earrings and so on. The fact that this brand thrives amidst all that society says against waistbeads was a major attraction to me, so this is a brand that I love.

I made a post about them last year which you can read HERE and that post covers a lot of bias on waistbeads and actual benefits of these beads that you might find interesting.

How Did I Find Out About This Product?/ Ordering Process

I came across IlekeByMunoyedi on Instagram via a giveaway hosted by another brand. That brand has waistbeads as one of the items of the giveaway. I was also planning a giveaway for my blog’s One year anniversary at the time so I reached out to them to work on a collaboration.

We met, had a shoot (I took the pictures of the shoot, I take product pictures for brands, in case you don’t know) and we gave away two sets of the beads. Fast forward some months later, an anonymous friend ordered a pair for me from them and I’ve been wearing the beads since then. I’ve had the beads for about 4/5 months now.

What Kind of Beads are Used?

Their waistbeads are made with Goldstone, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Tourmalinated Quartz, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Stripped Agate, Botswana Agate, and so on.

I was really wowed when she sent me the kind of beads she used. I had not even heard most of those beads before and it dawned on me when I received the beads, that they were really unique. The kind of beads used is one reason why.

Packaging/First Impressions

The beads came in a really cute wine round tray/container, placed in a small gift pack.

The wine container/tray had gold shimmers on it (you may not be able to see this because of the lightning) and instantly tells you, you’re about to encounter luxury. The container was lined with a silk cloth and the beads were sitting really pretty in it.

The beads are so pretty and colourful. They remind me of myself as they are in bright colours; orange, red, wine, green…

I took some pictures, put them on immediately and haven’t taken them off since then. It’s lightweight and really worth every penny. IlekeByMunoyedi requested for my waist size before making the beads so they’re a perfect fit. I like that they pay attention to the size that is comfortable for you.

Maintenance and Care

Due to the love I had for the beads, I actually did a Google search on how to care for your waistbeads. However, I found little to nothing about that. So, all I do is rinse them with water while taking my bath and dry them with a towel after. I was sceptical about this at first because it crossed my mind that the colours of the beads might fade off with time. To be honest, they have faded a bit (maybe just about 10% of it) but not too much.

90% of pictures in this post were taken recently so you can see how vibrant the colours still look.


A few people who have seen the beads on me have complimented me and even asked where I got them. I say few people because the beads are always underneath my clothes so people hardly get to see them. Of course, except those pretty close to me but I’m showing them to you now because y’all are family, isn’t it? *winks*

I would recommend these beads to anyone who is a fan of waistbeads as they’re really feminine and help with a whole lot of other benefits; such as weight loss, family planning and the rest. That post is very insightful and you can read it HERE.

Did you know waistbeads help with weight loss? Check out the review of these waistbeads from @ilekebymunoyedi Click To Tweet

The beads come in pairs so don’t be afraid thinking you get just one per order. Just send them a DM HERE to order

You can also order for anklets, bangles and other jewellery like the one she sent to me on my birthday, here…

Do you love or hate waistbeads? If you wear them, where are yours from? Let me know in the comments section.

In case you miss me while I’m away from the blog, you can catch me @tosinolaniyi_ on both Twitter and Instagram.


Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

Sharing Happiness one Brand at a time,

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