COWRYWISE – How to Save Money Effortlessly in 2018

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you, the most effortless way to save money this year. If you recall in my first post of the year, I stated that this is the year to SAVE AGGRESSIVELY. So, I started taking serious measures to help me save, without feeling overwhelmed or forgetting to save. Also, if you’ve been seeing me talk about Cowrywise on my Twitter account, you’re about to know what all the buzz is about. This year, I have made calls to financial freedom and Cowrywise picked up the call!


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I started saving last year with the traditional earthenware KOLO but I decided to try something new this year; automated savings. I tried Nigerian savings apps to help me save but Cowrywise gave me the best experience. I started with but withdrew all my money and transferred them to Cowrywise. Why?


Who/What is Cowrywise?

Cowrywise is a Nigerian savings app that makes automated deductions from your account and saves it up for you. This means that you set the app to automatically deduct a certain amount of money, from your physical bank account, at certain intervals dictated by you (daily, weekly, monthly), and saves it up for in a type of  ‘online bank account’.

Opening an account on Cowrywise is very easy and you can start saving with as little as you can. I started by saving N5,000 monthly.

Why Did I Catapult all my Money to Cowrywise?

The first time I tried opening an account with them, I had issues opening it. I was shocked when I got a call from one of their representatives who took me through the process over the phone. I felt really special as that was a new level of customer service that they unlocked in my head.


Aside from money ‘locked’ and is due for withdrawal on a date specified by you, you can actually withdraw your money at any time, at no extra cost. For example, if you decide to save every day but didn’t specify a withdrawal date, you are free to take out part or all of your money, without hassles.

I have seen a few savings apps that deduct a certain percentage when you want to withdraw your money but Cowrywise allows you to withdraw at any time. I like this because there are definitely going to be unforeseen circumstances or emergencies and might need some money to help you out of the situation. What do you do, when your only source of saved money is locked and you can’t withdraw until December? Think about it!

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You get a certain interest added to your saved money when someone opens an account on Cowrywise using your special referral link. Imagine making money just by telling your friend to open an account? How sweet!


The interest gotten on your savings when you save with Cowrywise is more than I’ve seen on any Nigerian savings app. (Piggybank gives 6% per annum while Cowrywise gives 10%).


Their app which is available for download on Playstore, is very user-friendly, has such a sleek interface and the user experience is splendid!  I discovered Cowrywise when it was only usable on their website at and it honestly made my life so much easier. It had and still has a dashboard that shows you how much you’ve saved, what your saving goal is and so on.


Fast forward a few months later, it now has an app which allows you to open multiple accounts for various goals. For example, I have a TRAVEL goal account and another one for emergencies. The one for travel is estimated for December travels so it’s locked till then.



Though the app (which is free, by the way) is only available for download on Android phones, the team promises that the iOS version is in the works. Cowrywise also has a bot named Sisi. Sisi is a ‘cute’ online bot who attends to all feedback or complaints via Facebook.

Their social media presence is also wow! Which savings app even goes as far as having a blog that is updated almost every week, with tips on how and why you should save better?

When you save with Cowrywise, what happens to your money?

Cowrywise promises to invest your money in ‘risk-free instruments offered by the Nigerian government and a few low-risk investment opportunities such as corporate bond and commercial papers’.

How can you get on the Cowrywise train?


Simple! If you use an Android phone, you can download from the app store here.  If you use an iPhone, you can use the website here to start saving!


Downloaded the app and wondering how to set it up? Don’t worry, I gat you. Video on that coming soon!

I hope you found this post helpful. Do you use a savings app to automate your savings or you’d rather use the traditional kolo or bank account? If yes, which one?

Do you use Cowrywise? What’s your experience with them? Let’s have a Savings interaction in the comments section below.


Till my next post,
Always reflect God’s Perfection.

10 thoughts on “COWRYWISE – How to Save Money Effortlessly in 2018”

  1. I preferred the traditional kolo as u call it but I think i might try this one. Oh and I think cowry wise should hire you for their publicity and promotions cause you did and absolutely beautiful job with this post.

  2. Someone mentioned to me that you made a post about this

    This explanation you gave ehn, should earn you an ambassadorship title with cowrywise.
    Let me go and download the app.
    And yes to piggybank that charges. Sometimes it can be annoying 🙄🙄🙄.
    Thank you so much

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